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All of the missions of the USS Voyager have been arranged according to year in the Delta Quadrant. 

Episode Details and most photos from the Continuum

2371 (Season One)

Caretaker First Aired Jan.16/95 Stardate:48315.6

Director: Winrich Kolbe
Story By: Rick Berman & Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor
Teleplay By: Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor

Guest Starring:
Bruce French as Ocampa Doctor
Richard Poe as Gul Evek
Josh Clark as Carey
Alicia Coppola as Lt. Stadi
Stan Ivar as Mark
Scott Jaeck as Cavit
Eric David Johnson as Daggin
Basil Langton as Banjo Man
Scott MacDonald as Rollins
Jeff McCarthy as Human Doctor
Gavan O'Herlihy as Jabin
Jennifer Parsons as Ocampa Nurse
Angela Paton as Aunt Adah
Keely Sims as Farmer's Daughter
David Selsburg as Toscat
Armin Shimerman as Quark

While searching for a missing Maquis vessel with a Starfleet operative on board in the Badlands, the USS Voyager becomes pulled
to the Delta Quadrant by a powerful alien known as the Caretaker (the Nacene).  This Caretaker is looking for a possible mate, so that his offspring can take his place.  When the Caretaker dies, Captain Janeway must make a difficult decision and destroy the Array that bough her crew to the Delta Quadrant, so that an alien species, the Kazon, may not use it to destroy the peaceful Ocampans, who were previously protected by the Caretaker.  Her actions leave the crew stranded over 75,000 light years from home.  It is also decided that the Maquis crew members will join the Voyager crew as Starfleet officers.

Outcome:  Voyager is stuck in the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light years from Earth.  The Maquis members must join the Starfleet crew.  First encounter with the Ocampans and the Kazon.

Parallax First aired Jan.23/95 Stardate:48439.7

Directed By: Kim Friedman
Story By: Jim Trombetta
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Josh Clark as Carey
Martha Hackett as Seska
Justin Williams as Jarvin

While answering the distress call of another ship, Voyager becomes trapped in a collapsed star.  Soon, it is discovered that this trapped ship is really just a reflection of Voyager itself, and it is up to B'Elanna Torres to save the ship.

Outcome:  B'Elanna Torres becomes Chief Engineer over Lieutenant Carey.

Time and Again First aired Jan.30/95 Stardate:Unknown

Directed By: Les Landau
Story By: David Kemper
Teleplay By: David Kemper and Michael Piller

Guest Starring:
Brady Bluhm as Latika
Ryan McDonald as Shopkeeper
Joel Polis as Terla
Jerry Spicer as Guard
Nicholas Surovy as Makull
Steve Vaught as Officer

While travelling home, Voyager encounters a shock wave originating from a planet destroyed by it's main energy source:  polaric energy.  While investigating, Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Paris are caught in a fracture in the space/time continuum, and are pulled back in time to the day before the explosion.  Things become complicated when Janeway discovers that it is Voyager that has caused the destruction of the planet.

Outcome:  Voyager's first time travel episode!

Phage First aired Feb.6/95 Stardate:48532.4

Directed By: Winrich Kolbe
Story By: Timothy De Haas
Teleplay By: Skye Dent and Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Martha Hackett as Seska
Cully Fredericksen as Vidiian 1
Stephen Rappaport as Vidiian 2

While searching a planet for much needed dilithium, Neelix is attacked and his lungs stolen by a race known as the Vidiians.  The Vidiians suffer from a plague known as the Phage, and they harvest the organs of others in order to survive.  Janeway tracks the Vidiians to the interior of an asteroid, however, the aliens have already implanted Neelix's lungs into their bodies.  Kes offers to donate one of her lungs, and the Vidiians agree to help with the surgery.

Outcome:  Kes donates one of her lungs, so Neelix and Kes both only end up with one organ.  The Vidiians are encountered.

The Cloud Aired first Feb.13/95 Stardate:48546.2

Directed By: David Livingston
Story By: Brannon Braga
Teleplay By: Tom Szollosi and Michael Piller

Guest Starring:
Larry Hankin as Gaunt Gary
Angela Dohrmann as Ricky
Judy Geeson as Sandrine
Luigi Amodeo as The Gigolo

Voyager discovers a nebula that contains large amounts of energy that the ship desperately needs.  However, upon entering the nebula, they discover that it is not a nebula at all, but a lifeform, and their entry has injured the organism.  Janeway vows to repair the damage they've done, and escape from the creature without placing any further damage on the organism.

Outcome:  None.

Eye of the NeedleAired first Feb. 20/95 Stardate:48579.4

Director: Winrich Kolbe
Story By: Hilary Bader
Teleplay By: Jeri Taylor
Written By: Hilary J. Bader

Guest Starring:
Vaughn Armstrong as Telek
Michael Cumpsty as Lord Burleigh
Carolyn Seymour as Mrs. Templeton
Tom Virtue as Baxter

Janeway begins to participate in a holonovel on the Holodeck when the crew discovers a micro wormhole that extends all the way to the Alpha Quadrant.  After launching a probe into the wormhole, the ship makes contact with a Romulan Ship.  When Torres discovers that she can transport the crew from Voyager to the Romulan ship, her plans are crushed when they discover that the wormhole not only extends back to the Alpha Quadrant, but also back in time.

Outcome:  Voyager's first communication with the Alpha Quadrant.  Later episodes reveal that the Romulan Commander Telek did not transmit Voyager's letters to Starfleet.

Ex Post Facto First Aired Feb.27/95 Stardate:Not Given

Directed By: LeVar Burton
Story By: Evan Carlos Somers
Teleplay By: Evan Carlos Somers & Michael Piller

Guest Starring:
Robin McKee as Lidell
Francis Guinan as Minister Kray
Aaron Lustig as Doctor
Ray Reinhardt as Tolen Ren
Henry Brown as Numiri Captain

While on the Benaen homeworld, Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Paris seek the assistance of the Benaen scientist, Tolen Ren.  However, when Tolen is found murdered, Paris is accused and convicted of the crime.  As punishment, he must continually relieve the last moments of Tolen Ren for the rest of his life.  With the help of Tuvok, Paris is soon released and found innocent of the crime.

Outcome:  The Benaens and the Numeri are encountered.

Emanations First Aired March 13/95 Stardate:48623.5

Directed By: David Livingston
Written By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Martha Hackett as Seska
Jefrey Alan Chandler as Hatil
Jerry Hardin as Dr. Neria
John Cirigliano as Alien #1
Robin Groves as Hatil's Wife
Cecile Callan as Ptera

While exploring an asteroid, Chakotay and Kim find an ancient Uhnori burial ground.  When a subspace distortion opens in the asteroid, Kim is transported to an alternate universe, and must try to escape.  In order to return to his universe, he must die to be transported to the asteroid.

Outcome:  Voyager's first 'after death' episode.  Harry's first time dying.  The Uhnori are encountered.

Prime Factors First Aired March 20/95 stardate:48642.5

Directed By: Les Landau
Story By: David R. George III & Eric Stillwell and Michael Perricone & Greg Elliot
Teleplay By: Michael Perricone & Greg Elliot and Jeri Taylor

Guest Starring:
Martha Hackett as Seska
Josh Clark as Carey
Andrew Hill Newman as Jaret
Ronald Guttman as Gath
Yvonne Suhor as Eudana

Voyager discovers a race known as Sikarians, a peaceful people who extend an invitation for Voyager's crew to spend shoreleave on their beautiful planet.  While spending time with a Sikarian women, Eudana, Ensign Kim discovers that the Sikarians have technology which can transport them thousand of light years away in a matter of moments.  However, it is against their policies to give their technology to the Voyager crew, and several members of the crew decide to go against orders to retrieve the technology.

Outcome:  Tuvok disobeys orders, and puts the ship in jeopardy.  Voyager's first opportunity to get home.  The Sikarians are encountered.

State of Flux First Aired April 10/95 stardate:48658.2

Directed By: Robert Scheerer
Story By: Paul Robert Coyle
Teleplay By: Chris Abbott

Guest Starring:
Martha Hackett as Seska
Josh Clark as Carey

While Voyager searches a planet for foodstuffs, Chakotay and Seska are attacked by the Kazon.  Later, a Kazon vessel is found disabled, with Federation technology aboard.  This raises suspicions on board Voyager, as a traitor  is obviously collaborating with the Kazon for them to attain Federation technology.  The investigation leads to two people:  Seska and Carey.  However, in the end, Seska is revealed to be the traitor and a Cardassian, but she is transported to the Kazon Nistrim before she can be confined to the brig.

Outcome:  Seska leaves the ship and joins the Kazon Nistrim.

Heroes and DemonsFirst Aired April 24/95 stardate:48693.2

Director: Les Landau
Written By: Naren Shankar

Guest Starring:
Marjorie Monaghan as Freya
Christopher Neame as Unferth
Michael Keenan as Hrothgar

While investigating a protostar, Chakotay, Kim and Tuvok all disappear, and appear to have been converted to energy by an alien lifeform transported aboard the vessel when B'Elanna beamed aboard an energy sample from the star.  Janeway decides to use the Doctor to enter the program, Beowulf, in which the alien life form has taken form in.  He is successful in his first away mission, and Chakotay, Tuvok and Kim all reappear.

Outcome:  The Doctor gets his first name, Schweitzer, but loses it by the end of the episode.

Cathexis First aired May 1/95 stardate:48734.2

Directed By: Kim Friedman
Story By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Carolyn Seymour as Mrs. Templeton
Brian Markinson as Durst
Michael Dumpsty as Lord Burleigh

A damaged shuttlecraft returns to Voyager, with an injured Tuvok and a braindead Chakotay.  Upon reviewing the shuttle's logs, it appears that they were investigating a dark nebula when the attack occured.  Soon, Kes begins to feel the presence of an alien lifeform on board Voyager, and Tuvok is found to be possessed by an alien lifeform.  However, Chakotay, separated from his body, is attempting to save the ship from the lifeforms that live in the dark nebula. 

Outcome:  None.

Faces First aired May 8/95 stardate:48784.2

Directed By: Winrich Kolbe
Story By: Jonathan Glassner and Adam Grossman
Teleplay By: Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
Brian Markinson as Durst
Brian Markinson as Sulan
Rob LaBelle as Talaxian prisoner
Barton Tinapp as Guard #1

The Vidiians capture three of Voyager's crewmembers, Durst, Torres and Paris, and confine them in a prison facility where they are forced to work for the Phage weakened Vidiians.  When a Vidiian doctor, Sulan, determines that B'Elanna's Klingon DNA may resist the Phage, he is able to separate her human half from her Klingon half, leaving two pure individuals.  With the help of Chakotay and Voyager, the away team is rescued, but not before the Klingon half is killed by Sulan when she steps in to take a phaser blast in place of the human Torres.  However, the Doctor has enough of the Klingon DNA to meld with the human DNA to return B'Elanna to her half human, half Klingon self.

Outcome:  Roxanne Dawson is seen for the first time onscreen with no Klingon makeup.  One of the first Voyager crewmembers is killed:  Durst.

Jetrel First aired May 15/95 stardate:48832.1

Directed By: Kim Friedman
Story By: James Thornton & Scott Nimerfro
Teleplay By: Jack Klein & Karen Klein and Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
Larry Hankin as Gaunt Gary
James Sloyan as Ma'bor Jetrel

Voyager encounters the Haakonian scientist, Ma'bor Jetrel, who was responsible for the Metreon Cascade which destroyed Talax's moon, Rinax, and thus killing all of Neelix's family.  He has hopes to find Talaxians suffering from metremia, a disease caused by exposure to the radiation produced by the Metreon Cascade, and cure them using the transporters.  In the process, it is revealed that Neelix was not among the Talaxian army after the disaster, but rather he was a coward and ran away.  Jetrel's intentions become clear when it is revealed that it is he who is dying from metremia.

Outcome:  More history on the Talaxians, and we learn that all of Neelix's family died from the explosion.

Learning Curve First Aired May 22/95 stardate:48846.5

Director: David Livingston
Written By: Ronald Wilkerson & Jean Louise Matthias

Guest Starring:
Derek McGrath as Chell
Armand Shultz as Dalby
Kenny Morrison as Geron
Catherine MacNeal as Henley
Thomas Alexander Dekker as Henry
Lindsey Haun as Beatrice

Problems begin to arise four members of the Maquis who have not integrated well into the Starfleet command structure.  Therefore, Lieutenant Tuvok runs a "boot camp" of sorts to re-teach Starfleet principles to these four crew members.

At the same time, the bio-neural gel packs begin to malfunction, and it is up to the Doctor and Torres to find the source.  Torres then realizes that microbes brought on board by Neelix to make cheese, entered the ventilation systems from the Mess Hall and have begun to infect the gel packs.

Outcome:  None particularly, but has one of the worst, corniest lines in Star Trek:  "Get the cheese to sickbay".

Season One Summary:

Aliens Encountered:  Kazon, the Nacene (Caretaker), the Ocampa, the Vidiians, the Sikarians, the Haakonians, the Talaxians, the Uhnori, the Beneans, the Numeri, Romulans.

Crewmembers Killed/Departed:  Durst, Seska leaves with the Kazon

Years to the Alpha Quadrant:  74 (74,000 light years away)

"Special"  Guest Stars:  Armin Shimerman as Quark, Carolyn Seymour as Mrs. Templeton (from TNG fame as Romulan Commanders), Martha Hackett as Seska (appeared as Romulan Commander in DS9)

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