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All of the missions of the USS Voyager have been arranged according to year in the Delta Quadrant. 

Episode Details and most photos from the Continuum

2372-2373 (Season Three)

Basics II First Aired September 4/96 stardate:50032.7

Directed By: Winrich Kolbe
Written By: Michael Piller

Guest Starring:
Martha Hackett as Seska
Anthony De Longis as Culluh
Nancy Hower as Ensign Wildman
Brad Dourif as Ensign Suder
Simon Billig as Ensign Hogan
Scott Haven as Kazon Engineer
David Cowgill as Alien #2
Michael Bailey Smith as Alien #1

Left stranded to die on a primitive planet, the crew must work together to survive.  On their new planet of residence they soon find great adversary:  giant worm-like predators that live in caves who killed Ensign Hogan, as well as a primitive people who were responsible for kidnapping Kes and Neelix.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Suder work together to regain control of the vessel from Culluh and Seska, and Tom Paris works with the Talaxians to devise a plan to stop Voyager and Culluh before he begins to attack Kazon sects with 'his' new vessel.

Outcome:  The last show the Kazon are featured.  Seska and Hogan dies, as well as a non-name crewman who is devoured by the worm predators.

Flashback First Aired September 11/96 stardate:50126.4

Directed By: David Livingston
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Michael Ansara as Kang
Grace Lee Whitney as Commander Janice Rand
Jeremy Roberts as Valtane
Boris Krutonog as the Helmsman
George Takei as Captain Hikaru Sulu

Tuvok begins to experience bizarre hallucinations of a young girl falling from a rock face.  These disturbing memories begin to degrade Tuvok's neural net, and in order to save him, Janeway risks her life in a mind-meld to determine the cause of the disturbing memories.  This leads Janeway to experience Tuvok's past, when he served on board the USS Excelsior under Hikaru Sulu.

Meanwhile, Kes and the Doctor monitor the two during the mind-meld, and discover the cause of the disturbing memories.

Outcome:  None.

The Chute First Aired September 18/96 stardate:50156.2

Directed By: Les Landau
Story By: Clayvon C. Harris
Teleplay By: Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
Don R. McManus as Zio
Robert Pine as Liria
James Parks as Vel
Ed Trotta as Pit
Beans Morocco as Rib
Rosemary Morgan as Piri

Tom and Harry are accused of terrorist behavior while visiting an Akritirian planet, and as a result are arrested and imprisoned.  Their prison is a deadly arena that is not supervised by guards, and whereby one must fight the other in-mates in order to survive.  The only method of escape appears to be a chute that brought each one of them into the complex.  During their time at the complex, Tom is injured, and Harry must protect him while trying to devise a way out.

On board Voyager, Captain Janeway questions members of the terrorist group "Open Sky" in order to determine where the Akritirian's are keeping her missing crewmen.

Outcome:  Neelix's ship is seen for the first time.

The Swarm First Aired September 25/96 stardate:50252.3

Directed By: Alexander Singer
Written By: Michael Sussman

Guest Starring:
Robert Picardo as Doctor Lewis Zimmerman
Carole Davis as Diva
Steven Houska as Chardis

While on a survey mission on board a shuttle craft, Lieutenants Paris and Torres are mysteriously attacked by an insectoid race that use weapons which attack the nervous system.  Voyager soon detects another damaged vessel, where the power levels are very low, and the sole survivor mentions seeing thousands of vessels which clamped onto the hull of his vessel.  Soon, Voyager runs into this new race, 'The Swarm', who attack in groups of thousands of ships.

During the confrontations with the Swarm, the Doctor begins to suffer from program degradation from being active for so long.  So, with the help of a holographic Dr. Zimmerman, the EMH creator, Torres and Kes are able to devise a way to save the Doctor.

Outcome:  The Doctor's "temporary" program begins to show degradation from being active so long, much longer than expected by the EMH designers.

False Profits First Aired October 2/96 stardate: 50074.3

Directed By: Cliff Bole
Story By: George A. Brozak
Teleplay By: Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Dan Shor as Arridor
Leslie Jordan as Koll
Michael Ensign as Bard
Rob LaBelle as Kafar
Alan Altshuld as Sandalmaker

While travelling home, Voyager detects replicator technology on an un-advanced and primitive planet.  Tom and Chakotay are sent to investigate, and they find a society that worships two Ferengi men as gods.  These Ferengi had been trapped in the Delta Quadrant for several years after they travelled through the Barzan wormhole, an unstable wormhole.  Therefore, Tom and Chakotay, with the help of a Ferengi Neelix, they must overthrow the two men and return the planet to normal as it was before the arrival of the Ferengi.

On board Voyager, Harry Kim works to find a way to track the movements of the Barzan wormhole, with helps of using it to return home to the Alpha Quadrant.

Outcome:  Another missed opportunity for Voyager to get home.

Remember First Aired October 9/96 stardate: 50203.1

Directed By: Winrich Kolbe
Story By: Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky
Teleplay By: Lisa Klink

Guest Starring:
Eugene Roche as Jor Brel
Charles Esten as Dathan
Athena Massey as Jessen
Eve Brenner as Jora Mirell
Bruce Davison as Jareth

While visiting Enaran Prime, Voyager encounters the Enarans, a peaceful race with telepathic abilities.  During their visit, Lieutenant Torres begins to have very realistic dreams of being a young Enaran girl who falls in love with an outcast, Dathan, a member of the Regressives.  The dreams are romantic until B'Elanna witnesses the execution of her lover, and of the entire Regressives.  B'Elanna then learns that the Enarans have erased this part of their history from records, and that B'Elanna is receiving the memories from an old Enaran woman who does not want the Regressive holocaust to be forgotten.

Outcome:  None.

Sacred Ground First Aired October 30/96 stardate:50063.2

Directed By: Robert Duncan McNeill
Story By: Geo Cameron
Teleplay By: Lisa Klink

Guest Starring:
Becky Ann Baker as the Guide
Estelle Harris as the old woman
Keene Curtis as an old man
Parley Baer as an old man
Henry Groener as the Magistrate

Voyager travels to the Nechani homeworld, a deeply religious people.  While exploring their temples, Kes accidently trespasses into a sacred shine and is struck by a powerful energy burst that almost kills her, and leaves her in a catatonic state.  In order to save her life, Janeway agrees to begin a rite of passage, the same in which the monks undergo, that would allow her to enter the sacred shine, and determine a way to save Kes' life.

Outcome:  None.

Future's End I First Aired November 6/96 stardate: Not given

Directed By: David Livingston
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Sarah Silverman as Rain Robinson
Allan Royal as Captain Braxton
Ed Begley, Jr. as Henry Starling

A Starfleet officer from the 29th century suddenly appears with the intent of destroying Voyager, stating that Voyager will be responsible for a devastating accident in the 29th century.  Janeway does not willingly sacrifice her ship and crew, and as a result of weapons fire, both ships are pulled into the time rift that brought Braxton to the 24th century.  This time rift deposits Voyager in the late 20th century Earth, in 1996.  In order to determine how to get home, and to locate Captain Braxton, Janeway, Chakotay, Paris and Tuvok travel to Los Angeles incognito.  They soon discover that a Henry Starling found Captain Braxton's time ship in the 60's, stole it, and now runs a very powerful computer firm, Chronowerx.

Outcome:  Voyager gets to Earth, just the wrong time.  First time we see Captain Braxton (he'll be seen again in "Relativity".)

Future's End II First Aired November 13/96 stardate:50312.5

Directed By: Cliff Bole
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Sarah Silverman as Rain Robinson
Allan Royal as Captain Braxton
Ed Begley, Jr. as Henry Starling
Brent Hinkley as Butch
Clayton Murray as Porter

The crew struggles to stop a mad man, Henry Starling, from travelling to the future in Braxton's time ship and hence causing a deadly accident that destroys Earths solar system.  The Doctor gets a mobile holo-emitter which allows him to walk freely about, and must go on his first away mission to save the lives of Chakotay and Torres after they are kidnapped by several rednecks.

Outcome:  The Doc gets his 29th century holo-emitter, allowing him to leave Sickbay and go pretty much anywhere.

Warlord First Aired November 20/96 stardate:50348.1

Directed By: David Livingston
Story By: Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman
Teleplay By: Lisa Klink

Guest Starring:
Anthony Crivello as Adin
Brad Greenquist as Demmas
Galyn Gorg as Nori
Charles Emmett as Resh
Karl Wiedergott as Ameron
Leigh J. McCloskey as Tieran

Voyager rescues an alien vessel with three survivors aboard, and the Doctor and Kes attempt to save their lives.  One of the survivors, Tieran, dies in sickbay, but not before he is able to transfer himself into Kes's mind, and gain control of her Ocampan telepathic powers.  Kes then proceeds to steal a shuttlecraft and travel to to Tieran's home word, Ilari, to attempt a coup and gain control of his world.

Outcome:  Kes and Neelix break up...sob.

The Q and the GreyFirst Aired November 27/96 stardate:50384.2

Directed By: Cliff Bole
Story By: Shawn Piller
Teleplay By: Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
John de Lancie as Q
Suzie Plakson as female Q
Harve Presnell as Colonel Q

Q arrives on Voyager to request the aid of Captain Janeway:  he needs her to help the Q procreate.  It seems that after the death of Quinn, the continuum has entered civil war, and the only way to return the continuum into peace is to create a new Q.  Janeway refuses, and soon finds herself in the continuum, in the middle of the civil war.

Meanwhile on Voyager, one of Q's previous mates appears, and helps Voyager enter a supernova, the result of the civil war, so that the crew can rescue Captain Janeway.

Outcome:  None.  Q has a baby.

Macrocosm First Aired December 11/96 stardate:50425.1

Directed By: Alexander Singer
Written By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Albie Selnick as Tak Tak
Michael Fiske as Garan miner

Neelix and Captain Janeway return from diplomatic contact with a species known as the Tak Tak, only to find Voyager adrift, and the crew unconscious.  Janeway soon discovers that she isn't alone on Voyager, and it appears that an alien species, a macrovirus, has incapacitated the entire crew.  By re-activating the Doctor, Janeway discovers the virus was picked up by the Voyager crew after answering the distress signal of Garan miners.  After Neelix becomes incapacitated by one of the macroviruses, it is up to Janeway to save her crew and her vessel.

Outcome:  The Doc's first away misison.

Fair Trade First Aired January 8/97 stardate:not given

Directed By: Jesus Salvador Trevino
Story By: Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Louise Matthias
Teleplay By: Andre Bormanis

Guest Starring:
James Nardini as Wixiban
Carlos Carrasco as Bahrat
Alexander Enberg as Vorik
Steve Kehela as Sutok
James Horan as Tosin

Voyager reaches the Nekrid Expanse, Neelix's last area of expertise.  Beyond this point, he knows nothing about the Delta Quadrant.  In order to maintain his usefulness on board Voyager, Neelix re-aquaints himself with an old friend, Wixiban.  While trading a narcatic substance, an alien is killed, and Paris and Chakotay are blamed, forcing Neelix to admit to his actions.

Outcome:  Voyager passes Neelix's area of expertise.

Alter Ego First Aired January 15/97 stardate:50460.3

Directed By: Robert Picardo
Written By: Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Sandra Nelson as Marayna
Alexander Enberg as the Vulcan
Shay Todd as the Holodeck woman

Ensign Kim begins to have feelings for a holographic character, Marayna,  in the beach resort program.  He requests the aid of Tuvok to help him through this, however, Tuvok himself becomes quite interested in this holodeck character.  Ensign Kim becomes quite jealous, but then Marayna's hidden intentions are revealed.

Outcome:  None.

Coda First Aired January 29/97 stardate:50518.6

Directed By: Nancy Malone
Written By: Jeri Taylor

Guest Starring:
Len Cariou as Admiral Janeway

A shuttle carrying Janeway and Chakotay crashes on an alien planet, and Janeway suffers serious injuries, and has a near death experience whereby Janeway is attacked by the Vidiians, and meets her deceased father, Admiral Edward Janeway.  However, Janeway becomes suspicious about her father, and she realizes he isn't what he seems to be.

Outcome:  Voyager's second 'after death' episode.  Janeway dies for the first time.

Blood Fever First Aired February 5/97 stardate:50537.2

Directed By: Andrew Robinson
Written By: Lisa Klink

Guest Starring:
Alexander Enberg as Vorik
Bruce Bohne as Ishan
Deborah Levin as Ensign Lang

Voyager discovers a planet that shows remains of a colony that has been attacked by a superior force.  Readings of beneath the surface show valuable elements which Voyager could use, thus an away team of Neelix, Torres and Paris is assembled.  However, Vorik begins his Pon Farr, and his behavior triggers B'Elanna's mating instincts while she is beneath the surface.

Chakotay discovers the race that may have been responsible for the destruction of the colony.

Outcome:  The Borg are seen for the first time on Voyager.

Unity First Aired February 12/97 stardate:50614.2

Directed By: Robert Duncan McNeill
Written By: Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
Lori Hallier as Riley Frazier
Ivar Brogger as Orum
Susan Patterson as Ensign Kaplan

While on a shuttle mission in the Nekrid Expanse, Ensign Kaplan and Commander Chakotay respond to a distress signal that leads them to a nearby planet.  Upon landing the shuttle, they are attacked by aliens, resulting in Kaplan's demise.  Chakotay is rescued by another alien faction, and he soon learns that his rescuers are former Borg drones that were separated from the hive, and they wish to be reconnected with the hive mind so that all the factions of aliens on the planet can rejoin together.

Voyager discovers a deactive Borg Cube drifting in the Nekrid Expanse, and the Doctor transports over a dead Borg Drone to examine it's systems.

Outcome:  None.

The Darkling First Aired February 19/97 stardate:50693.2

Directed By: Alex Singer
Teleplay By: Alex Singer
Written By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
David Lee Smith as Zahir
Stephen Davies as Nakahn
Noel de Souza as Ghandi
Christopher Clarke as Lord Byron

To improve his program, the Doctor incorporates some of the personalities of famous people in history into his program.  The result is deadly when he begins to show a Doctor Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality.  He becomes very jealous when a Mikhal Traveller, Zahir, spends a great deal of time with Kes, which makes her re-evaluated her time on Voyager, and if she should leave the ship and stay with the Mikhal Travellers.

Outcome:  None.

Rise First Aired February 29/97 stardate: Not Given

Director: Robert Scheerer
Story By: Jimmy Diggs
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga

Guest Starring:
Alan Oppenheimer as Nezu Ambassador
Lisa Kaminir as Lillias
Kelly Connell as Sklar
Tom Towles as Dr. Vatm
Geof Prysirr as Hanjuan
Gary Bullock as Goth

Voyager encounters the Nezu homeworld, which is being bombarded with asteroids from an unknown force.  Thus, Neelix and Tuvok are sent to explore to rescue any further survivors.  After their shuttle crashes, they must use an orbital tether to escape with several of the Nezu.  Slowly they discover who and what is behind these asteroids which are destroying the Nezu homeworld.

Outcome:  None.

Favourite Son First Aired March 19/97 stardate: 50732.4

Directed By: Marvin V. Rush
Written By: Lisa Klink

Guest Starring:
Cari Shayne as Eliann
Deborah May as Lyris
Patrick Fabian as Taymon
Kelli Kirkland as Rinna
Kristanna Loken as Malia

Voyager encounters the Taresians, a people who claim that Harry is one of their descendants, as he begins to show bizarre signs that they claim are part of his transformation from a human to a Taresian.  However, in this population comprised primarily of females, Harry soon learns the purpose of the males in the species, and why there are far more females than males.

Outcome:  None.

Before and After First Aired April 9/97 stardate: N/A

Directed By: Allan Kroeker
Written By: Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
Jessica Collins as Linnis
Michael L. Maguire as Arnis
Janna Michaels as young Kes
Rachel Harris as Martis
Christopher Aguilar as Andrew

When a future Kes undergoes a treatment to extend her life past nine years, her cells enter a state of flux whereby the begins to live her life backwards, from the time of her death, to the time of her conception.  As she travels through the past, she finds a time whereby the crew are attacked by a race called the Krenim.  During this time, "The Year of Hell", many prominent crewmembers are lost, including Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Torres.  Kes continues to live her life backwards, to a time while she just arrived on Voyager, to when she was a girl on Ocampa, until her moment of conception.

Outcome:  First mention of the Krenim.

Real Life First Aired April 23/97 stardate:50836.2

Directed By: Anson Williams
Teleplay By: Jeri Taylor
Written By: Harry Doc Kloor

Guest Starring:
Wendy Schaal as Charlene
Glenn Walker Harris, Jr. as Jeffrey
Lindsay Haun as Belle
Stephen Ralston as Larg
Chad Haywood as K'Kath

In order to explore humanity, the Doctor creates a holographic family.  However, he programs them to be a little too perfect, and when Torres and Kes sit in on dinner one evening with his new family, B'Elanna decides to modify the program so it is a little more realistic.  This wrecks havoc, and the Doctor realizes the challenges associated with a family, and must try to cope after a deadly accident.

Paris gets trapped in a temporal Eddy while on a mission of exploration.

Outcome:  None.

Distant Origin First Aired April 30/97 stardate: N/A

Directed: David Livingston
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Henry Woronicz as Gegen
Christopher Liam Moore as Veer
Marshall Teague as Hulak
Concetta Tomei as Minister Odala

Dr. Gegen of the Voth race discovers the remains of Ensign Hogan on Hanon IV, and begins to trace down Voyager, believing that humans and his people are descendants from the same planet.  When he brings this information forward to the Voth government, Minister Odala denies his allegations, not wanting to accept the fact that the Voth people originated on a distant planet, and travelled like refugees across the galaxy to find a new planet.  A kidnapped Chakotay tries to help convince Minister Odala, but Gegen is forced to stop his research and claim it is false, or Voyager will be destroyed.

Outcome:  We learn Earth's dinosaurs (at least some of them) were advanced enough to escape before the meteor hit the surface.

Displaced First Aired May 7/97 stardate: 50912.4

Directed By: Allan Kroeker
Teleplay By: Lisa Klink

Guest Starring:
Deborah Levin as Lang
Mark L. Taylor as Jarlath
James Noah as Rislan
Kenneth Tigar as Dammar
Nancy Youngblut as Taleen

An alien race begins to mysteriously appear on Voyager, while Voyager crewmembers begin to disappear.  Thus, the crew attempts to discover what his bringing them to the ship.  However, by the time they realize it is a subtle centrifuge whereby the Nyrians are slowly taking over the ship, it is too late as over half of Voyager's crew has disappeared and been replaced by the Nyrians.  The re-settled crew finds themselves on a lusch ecozone, and with the help of a neighbouring alien, they manage to escape to discover they are on an elaborate Holodeck on a vessel.

Outcome:  None.

Worst Case Scenerio First Aired May 14/97 stardate:50953.4

Directed By: Alex Singer
Written By: Kenneth Biller

Guest Starring:
Martha Hackett as Seska

B'Elanna begins to clear out some of the non-essential files in the Holodeck buffer, and discovers a program called Insurrection Alpha that wasn't properly deleted.  The program depicts a Maquis mutiny, whereby Chakotay takes over the ship.  The new program becomes all the rage with the crew, and when Janeway order the senior officers to find out who wrote the program, Tuvok comes forward and decides to finish the program.  However, Ensign Seska, before she left the ship, did a little editing of the program herself, thus trapping Paris and Tuvok on the Holodeck.

Outcome:  None.

Scorpion I First Aired May 21/97 stardate:50984.3

Directed By: David Livingston
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
John Rhys-Davies as Leonardo Da Vinci

Voyager receives some alarming news when a lost probe encounters a Borg cube.  This sends a clear warning that the ship is entering Borg space.  While searching for a way around, the crew discovers what they nickname the Northwest passage, an area of space devoid of Borg activity.  However, on discovering an alien vessel in the wreckage of a former Borg armada, the crew determines that the Northwest Passage is void of Borg activity as this is where the new aliens are arriving.  Faced with two deadly enemies, Janeway must make a deal with the devil in order to get her crew home to the Alpha Quadrant, and to rid the galaxy of a dangerous species who want nothing more than to purge the galaxy.

Outcome:  Introduction of Species 8472.

Season Three Summary:

Aliens Encountered:  Hanonians, Kazon, the Borg, Species 8472, the Nyrians, the Voth, the Krenim, the Taresians, the Nezu, the Mikhal Travellers, the Sakarians, the Vidiians, Talaxians, the Tak Tak, macrovirus, the Q, the Ilirians, the Nechani, the Enarans, the Ferengi, the Swarm, the Akritirians, the Garan miners

Crewmembers killed/departed: Ensign Suder, Seska, Lieutenant Hogan, Ensign Kaplan,

Years to the Alpha Quadrant:  72 years (72,000 light years)

"Special"  Guest Stars:  John de Lancie as Q, Suzie Plakson as female Q, Ed Begley Jr. as Henry Starling, Brad Dourif as Suder, Martha Hackett as Seska, Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand, George Takei as Captain Sulu, Michael Ansara as Kang, John Rhys-Davies as Leonardo Da Vinci

Number of Shuttles Destroyed:  Two.


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