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All of the missions of the USS Voyager have been arranged according to year in the Delta Quadrant. 

Episode Details and most photos from the Continuum


2375-2376 (Season Six)

Equinox 2

First Aired September 22/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: David Livingston
Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Teleplay By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
John Savage as Captain Ransom
Titus Welliver as Burke
Olivia Birkelund as Gilmore
Rick Worthy as Lessing

Following the escape of the Equinox crew, Voyager is left to defend themselves against the alien species that has been attacking the Equinox.  A betrayed Janeway ignores protocal and Chakotay suggestions, and sets a course to find the Equinox.  Along the way, Janeway speaks with the aliens, and promises to deliver the Equinox to them if they stop attacking Voyager.  Chakotay questions Janeways irrational behavior, which leads her to releave him of active duty.

Outcome:  The Equinox is destroyed, and several of Equinox's crew joins Voyager, but are demoted to crewmen.

Survival Instinct

First Aired September 29/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: Terry Windell
Written By: Ron Moore

Guest Starring:
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi
Vaughn Armstrong as Two of Nine
Bertila Damas as Three of Nine
Tim Kelleher as Four of Nine
Jonathan Breck as The Dying Borg

While exploring a massive space station, three former Borg drones infiltrate the ship and attempt to connect themselves with Seven of Nine.  After their attempt fails, Seven learns that these former drones once served on a scout vessel with her that crashed on a planet.  As Seven begins to explore the memories of her past, she discovers a dark mystery that led Seven to connect the three drones together.

Outcome:  None.

Barge of the Dead

First Aired October6/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: Mike Vejar
Story By: Ron Moore & Bryan Fuller
Teleplay By: Bryan Fuller

Guest Starring:
Eric Pierpoint as Kotar
Sherman Augustus as Hij'Qa
Karen Austin as Miral
John Kenton Shull as Brok'Tan

After a near deadly shuttle landing in the Shuttlebay, Torres discovers that a Klingon relict became lodged in the Shuttle, thus causing the accident.  Suddenly, B'Elanna is transported to the Klingon Barge of the Dishonoured Dead.  While on board, she learns that her mother, Miral, has been transported there as well, as a result of B'Elanna's dishonour for turning her back on Klingon heritage.  In order to save her mother, B'Elanna requests that Janeway allow her to enter a coma state and return to the Barge, and save her mothers life. 

Outcome:  We see B'Elanna's mother, and Klingon hell.

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

First Aired October 13/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: John Bruno
Story By: Bill Vallely
Teleplay By: Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Jay Legget as Phlox
Googy Gress as the Overlooker
Robert Greenberg as Devro

A species of Overlooking aliens begins to spy on Voyager, while trying to determine if they have anything of value to steal.  While tapping into Voyager's systems, the Overlookers accidently mistake the Doctor's new fantasies as reality.  Their infiltration of the Doctor's program causes his new daydream subroutines to malfunction, thus causing the Doctor to daydream when he does not want to.  The Doctor must then save the day when Voyager's safety is threatened by these aliens.

Outcome: None.


First Aired October 20/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: David Livingston
Story By: Juliann deLayne
Teleplay By: Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor

After bartering with the alien keeper of a junkyard, Paris retrieves a damaged shuttle which he soon repairs.  However, he begins to show bizarre side-effects to the crew, as an alien presence of the ship convinces Paris to fix the shuttle and leave Voyager.

Outcome:  None.

Riddles First Aired November 3/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: Roxann Dawson
Story By: Andre Bormanis
Teleplay By: Robert Doherty

Guest Starring:
Mark Moses as Naroq

During negotiations with the Kesat government, Tuvok is overwhelmed by a powerful energy force, suffers severe neurological trauma and emerges as a mere shell of his former self while Janeway searches for the mythical species responsible for the attack in hopes of finding a cure. 

While the optimistic Neelix keeps pushing to restore the mental prowess of the confused Tuvok, Janeway works with Naroq, a Kesat inspector, as they try to solve the enigma of the cloaking device used by the hostile Ba'Neth -- or "shadow people" --who seek Voyager's technical data. Even as the crew pursues the elusive Ba'Neth for a solution to Tuvok's misfortune, the suddenly vulnerable Vulcan discovers emotions he never could appreciate before. (Continuum Description)

Outcome:  None.

Dragon's Teeth

First Aired November 10/99 stardate: N/A

Directed By: Rick Kolbe
Written By: Michael Taylor

Guest Starring:
Jeff Allin as Gedrin
Ron Fassler as Morin
Robert Knepper as Gaul
Bob Stillman as Turei
Mimi Craven as Jisa
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi

While escaping attack by an alien race known as the Turei, Voyager lands on a planet that has undergone a nuclear winter.  During repairs, the crew detects lifesigns beneath the surface, and an away team is sent to investigate.  They soon discover several lifepods that contact aliens in stasis.  Seven of Nine, wanting to help this helpless species that has been in stasis for nearly nine hundred years, reactivates one of the pods.  The alien who emerges, Gedrin of the Vaadwaur, seems harmless and peaceful.  Voyager then proceeds to awaken the remainder of the Vaadwaur pods beneath the surface.  However, Janeway has her suspicions that the Vaadwaur may not be who they seem to be.

Outcome:  None.

One Small Step

 First Aired November 17/99 stardate:  N/A

Directed By: Robert Picardo
Written By: Mike Wollaeger & Jessica Scott

Guest Starring:
Phil Morris as Lt. John Kelly

Voyager encounters a Graviton Elipse, the same phenomena that enveloped the Ares IV, the first vessel to Mars.  While exploring the interior of the Elipse, the crew finds the Ares IV intact.  However, when the Elipse becomes attracted to a dark matter asteroid, the lives of the away team are placed in jeopardy.  Janeway orders the team to leave the elipse immediately, however, the explorer in Chakotay interjects, and orders Tom to lock onto the Ares IV with a tractor beam.  Due to his actions, the Flyer becomes trapped in the Elipse with no engines, and no hope for escape.  The only way to leave the elipse is to use technology on board the Ares IV. 

Outcome:  None.

The Voyager Conspiracy

 First Aired November 24/99  stardate:  N/A

Directed By: Terry Windell
Written By: Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Albie Selznick as Tash
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi

After creating a new regeneration chamber that allows Seven to assimilate large amounts of data while she regenerates, Seven becomes data overloaded.  This causes her to make allegations against both Chakotay and Janeway, accusing them both of conspiracy. 

Voyager encounters a catapult that appears to have technology taken from the Caretaker's Array, the device which brought Voyager to the Delta Quadrant in the first place.

Outcome:  Voyager uses the catapult jump to get 3 years closer to home.

Pathfinder First Aired December 1/99  stardate:  N/A

Directed By: Mike Vejar
Written By: David Zabel

Guest Starring:
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Dwight Schultz as Barclay
Warren Munson as Admiral Paris

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, working with the Pathfinder Project on Earth, becomes obsessed with Voyager.  After disobeying orders in an attempt to use an experimental procedure to make two way communication with the stranded Voyager, he is taken off the project as his project leader believes he is unfit to return to duty.  Reg then enlists the help of Commander Troi, who just arrived on Earth from the Enterprise-E, to declare him fit for duty so he can work on the Project.  Troi must refuse, so Barclay takes matters into his own hands, so that he can communicate with Voyager.

Outcome:  Voyager makes contact with Earth.

Fair Haven

First Aired January 12/00 stardate: N/A  

Directed By: Allan Kroeker
Written By: Robin Burger

Guest Starring:
Fintan McKeown as Michael
Richard Riehle as Seamus
Henriette Ivanans as Maggie
Duffie McIntire as Grace
Jan Claire as Frannie

The crew creates a new holographic program that deals with a small Irish town at the turn of the century.  When Janeway discovers the program while trying to round up the senior officers, she becomes interested in one of the town's characters, Michael.  Soon, Janeway develops an unexpected relationship with the man, as she begins to modify his program to her specifications.  However, disaster soon threatens the lives in the town.

Outcome:  None.

Blink of an Eye

First Aired January 19/00 stardate: N/A   

Directed By: Gabrielle Beaumont
Story By: Michael Taylor
Teleplay By: Scott Miller & Joe Menosky

Guest Starring:
Melik Malkasian as Shaman
Walter H. McCready as Tribal Alien
Obi Ndefo as Protector
Olaf Pooley as Cleric
Daniel Zacapa as Astronomer
Jon Cellini as Technician
Daniel Dae Kim as Pilot
Kat Sawyer-Young as Astronaut

When Voyager becomes trapped in orbit of a bizarre planet, the residents of the planet begin to experience rapid evolution as they attempt to discover the object in the sky.  Matters become more difficult when Voyager discovers that the planet exists at a time differential with the Universe, in which 1 second on Voyager and in the Universe equals one day on the planet.  In order to escape from the planet, Janeway sends the Doctor to the planet to investigate.

Outcome:  None.


 First Aired January 26/00 stardate: 53556.4  

Story By: Raf Green
Teleplay By: Raf Green & Kenneth Biller
Directed By: Les Landau
Music By: Dennis McCarthy

Guest Starring:
Kamala Dawson as Tincoo
Ray Xifo as Abarca
Paul Williams as Koru
Marie Caldare as Azen
Nina Magnesson as Vinka

Voyager encounters an advanced race, the Qomar, who's society has no music.  When several Qomar hear the Doctor signing, the become obsessed.  Before long, the Doctor develops a huge fan following, where hundreds flock to his concerts, whereas some are just as content to get his autograph.  When a female Qomar catches the Doctor's eye, he considers leaving Voyager for the new fame he has found on the Qomar homeworld.

Outcome:  None.


 First Aired February 2/00 stardate: N/A 

Story By: Brannon Braga
Teleplay By: Robin Burger
Directed By: Allan Kroeker
Music By: David Bell

Guest Starring:
L.L. Ginter as Saavedra
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi

Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and Neelix return from a routine shuttle mission of mapping planetoids.  However, before too long, each begins to show signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome, where each man remembers a war which was fought.  As the memories become more intense, the Captain decides to retrace the away teams steps in order to determine what is responsible for their memories.  As the ship approaches one of the planets which the away team surveyed, the entire crew starts to experience the same memories of a war which was fought.

Outcome:  None.


 First Aired February 9/00 stardate: 53447.2  

Story By: Gannon Kenney
Teleplay By: Robert J. Doherty
Directed By: Mike Vejar
Music By: Dennis McCarthy

Guest Starring:
Jeffrey Combs as Penk
J.G. Hertzler as Hirogen hunter
The Rock [Duane Johnson] as Pendari champion

While enjoying shoreleave on an alien world, several members of the crew become obsessed with a bloodsport known as Tsunkatse.  The game is all the rage on the planet, and draws huge numbers to the arena to witness competitors fight to the death in some cases.  After being captured while on a Shuttle mission, Seven of Nine is forced to fight the deadly game, to ensure the safety of an injured Tuvok.  When the crew realizes that Seven has been captured, they must locate where the fights are being transmitted from, before it is too late.

Outcome:  None.


 First Aired February 16/00 stardate: N/A  

Story By: Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman
Teleplay By: Michael Taylor
Directed By: Allison Liddi

Guest Starring:
Ryan Spahn as Boy One
Manu Intiraymi as Boy Two
Marley McClean as Borg Girl
Kurt Wetherill as Boy Three
Cody Wetherill as Boy Four

While on a shuttle mission, Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim and Neelix (again!) are captured by a damaged Borg cube.  Upon regaining consciousness on the cube, the crew discovers that their captives are nothing but young children, and it appears that all the other drones on the vessel have been deactivated, due to a deadly pathogen.  Voyager soon finds the cube, and the children try to negotiate the lives of the hostages in return for Voyager's deflector dish.  The deflector dish will allow them to send a signal back to the Collective, so a rescue ship can be sent for them.  Seven is sent aboard the cube in hopes of negotiating with the children, and also to stall for time so an alternate plan can be made.

Outcome:  None.

Spirit Folk

 First Aired February 23/00 stardate: N/A  

Written By: Bryan Fuller
Directed By: David Livingston

Guest Starring:
Fintan McKeown as Michael
Richard Riehle as Seamus
Ian Abercrombie as Milo
Ian Patrick Williams as Doc
Henrietta Ivanans as Maggie

The crew returns to the 'Fair Haven' program to relax, however, chaos soon ensues when the program's characters become aware of the crew's mysterious powers.  The inhabitants soon believe that the crew are 'spirit folk' after witnessing them disappearing into thin air, and also being able to transform people into livestock.  In order to rid the village of their presence, the inhabitants kidnap Tom and Harry and begin a ritual of sorts in order to rid the 'spirit folk' of Fair Haven.

Outcome:  None.

Ashes To Ashes

First Aired March 1/00 stardate: N/A

Story By: Ronald Wilkerson
Teleplay By: Robert Doherty
Directed By: Terry Windell

Guest Starring:
Kim Rhodes as Ensign Ballard
Marley McClean as Mezoti
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi

To the shock and disbelief of the crew, their colleague, Ensign Lyndsay Ballard, returns to the Starship after having been killed on a mission long ago. Pursued by her alien Kobali abductors, whose reproductive system is centered on reanimation of the dead, she rekindles her former relationships with Janeway and the crew of the Voyager, hoping to reverse the effects of the alien genes implanted in her system. Her old friendship with Ensign Harry Kim ignites and deepens until the moment in his quarters when she realizes the horror and extent of her Kobali genes. Harry's support and affection complicates Ballard's final decision as to whether she will remain human or return to the Kobali homeland with the alien family that loves her.

Outcome:  None.

Child's Play First Aired March 8/00 stardate: N/A  

Story By: Paul Brown
Teleplay By: Raf Green
Directed By: Mike Vejar

Guest Starring:
Manu Intiraymi as Icheb
Tracey Ellis as Yifay
Mark A. Sheppard as Leucon
Eric Ritter as Yivel

Voyager discovers the homeplanet of one of the Borg children, Icheb.  However, Seven is hesistant to let him go, as she has become quite attached to him.  As well, Icheb was starting to integrate well among the crew, and even had invented a device to scan for wormholes, thus allowing for Voyager to find a wormhole to return them to the Alpha Quadrant.  Although Icheb does not want to return at first, his parents convince him to do so.

After leaving the planet, Seven of Nine discovers that Icheb's parents had not been truthful regarding the circumstances surrounding Icheb's assimilation.  Upon returning to the planet, the crew discovers the dark secret of Icheb's parents.

Outcome:  None.

Good Shepherd First Aired March 15/00 stardate: N/A    

Story By: Dianna Gitto
Teleplay By: Dianna Gitto & Joe Menosky
Directed By: Winrich Kolbe

Guest Starring:
Jay Underwood as Harren
Zoe McLellan as Celes
Michael Reisz as Telfer
Tom Morello as Junction Operator

Janeway discovers that there are three 'outcasts' on her ship that have never been on an away mission, and who have fallen through the cracks as far as receiving her 'personal attention'. To fix this, she forces the 3 of them to accompany her on an away mission with the Delta Flyer to investigate a newly forming star cluster. But they are attacked by some unseen force/alien, who beams one of the crew members off the Flyer, and actually enters his body. When the crewman goes right through a force field and claims he is not in control of his body, Janeway shoots him. When he is hit with the phaser blast, it forces the creature out, where another panicing crewman kills it.

Outcome:  None.

Season Six Summary: (To Date)

Aliens Encountered:  The Borg, The Klingons, the Overlookers (Hierarchy), the Kesat, the Ba'Neth, the Turei, the Vaadwaur, the Qomar, the Kobali, the Hirogen

Crewmembers killed/departed: None.

Years to the Alpha Quadrant:  25 years (25,000 light years) - Minus 0.5 year for conventional travel, 3 years for using the catapult

"Special"  Guest Stars: Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi, Dwight Schultz as Barclay, Phil Morris as Lt. John Kelly, John Savage as Captain Ransom, J.G. Hertzler as Hirogen, Jeffrey Coombs as Penk, The Rock as the Champion, Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) as Junction Operator

Number of Shuttles Destroyed: None.

Number of Times Seven of Nine has saved the crew:  One.  "One Small Step"

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