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Kathryn Janeway

Rank:  Captain
Date of Birth:  May 20 (approx. 2325)
Origin of Birth:  Earth;  in the region of the former US (North America), Indiana
Family:  Father- Admiral Edward Janeway (deceased);  Mother- Gretchen;  Sister- Phoebe
Marriage Status:  Single; former fiancee: Mark Johnson (nickname- Hobbes)
                          Former Relationship with Lieutenant Justin Tighe (deceased)
Current Assignment:  Captain aboard the USS Voyager NCC 74656
Other Information:

Kathryn was first enrolled to be a Science officer within Starfleet, but quickly refocused her career goal to become a Command officer.  She has served with such noted officers as Admiral Paris on board the USS Icarus during her eventful Starfleet career.

During her career, Kathryn has been in the line of action many times, including many confrontations with the Cardassians during the Cardassian-Federation War.  One such noted event was when Kathryn and one other officer heroically and selfishly crawled into Cardassian territory during war-time to save the life of one Cardassian.

One of the most difficult times of her life came when she, her father, and boyfriend, Justin Tighe were serving aboard the prototype ship, the USS Terra Nova in the Tau Ceti system.  The ship had propulsion problems, and crash landed on a frozen waste-land planet.  Admiral Janeway and Lieutenant Tighe were trapped within the Terra Nova as it sank into an ocean under a polar ice cap.  Both of the men drowned.  Luckily, Kathryn had been thrown from the ship upon impact, and managed to survive the disaster.  It took Kathryn several months to recover from the emotional shock of the disaster; this was due primarily to her sister Phoebe who one day threw a bucket of ice-cold water on Kathryn to get her to leave her bed and move on with her life.

After the Tau Ceti disaster, Kathryn soon returned to Starfleet, and worked harder than ever to achieve her own command.  It has been noted that she was very much like her father with her determination and unwillingness to give-up.

She soon received her first command.  However, after performing a questionable tactical procedure, she was brough forward a review board, consisting of one of her future crewmembers, Tuvok.  He critized her tactical procedures during her command.

Kathryn soon received her command aboard the USS VoyagerVoyager was then pulled from the Alpha Quadrant in 2371 by the Caretaker in the Bad Lands, searching for Maquis outlaws.

During her years in the Delta Quadrant, Kathryn has been able to keep her crew's morale high as she works to get them home.  She often questions the line between science and religion, always looking for a rational explanation for every occurrence.  Her intelligence, and knowledge allow her to be one of the best captains of the fleet.

Painting, Jazz music, Sculpting, Tennis (was a champ in Indiana--quit the sport after losing a game to a Vulcan champion, and then walked home in a thunderstorm), Velocity, skiing, sailing, gardening, camping, hiking, ballet (as a child), Holodeck programs (current favorites include a gothic program and the DaVinci Workshop Program).


Rank:  Commander (honorary status by Captain Janeway)
Date of Birth:  2335
Origin of Birth:  Earth, North America
Family:  Father- Kolopak
Marriage Status:  Single;  Once involved with Seska (deceased)
Current Assignment:  First Officer aboard USS Voyager

Other Information:

A Native American, Chakotay is one who is close to his heritage, although he did go against his fathers wishes and went to Starfleet Academy for Four years and became an officer.  Captain Sulu sponsored his entry into the Academy.  He was a Lieutenant Commander and an instructor at Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training when he left Starfleet and became a member of the Maquis.  This was due to his father, Kolopak's death as he fought the Cardassians on his home world in the Demilitarized Zone.

Chakotay served for a year within the Maquis before his ship and crew were pulled to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker in the Badlands in 2371.

Commander Chakotay often follows his "gut instinct" when in command.  He is very resourceful and intelligent, and is a fine addition to Voyager's crew after Voyager's former First Officer, Commander Cavit,  was killed during the voyage from the Alpha to the Delta Quadrant.

Chakotay adorns a facial tattoo, a method of remembering and expressing his Native heritage.  His father received the same tattoo after an expedition deep into a jungle on Earth, where they met a group of Natives.  Chakotay soon learned that these Natives had had contact with an alien species from the Delta Quadrant.

Chakotay has deep spiritual beliefs.  He often uses meditative techniques to enter his subconscious mind and speak with his 'animal guide', one who gives him advice.  On one occasion, Chakotay spoke with his father during a meditative vision, asking advice on what to do after Seska claimed she had his son after implanting his DNA in her body.  However, the baby turned out to be Maj Cullah's, and not Chakotays.

Racquetball, meditation, reading, spending time on the Holodeck.


Rank:  Lieutenant Commander as of 2374
Date of Birth:  2264
Origin of Birth:  Vulcan
Family:  Wife- T'Pel   Children- Three sons and one daughter   Grandchildren- One
Marriage Status:  Married to T'Pel since 2304
Current Assignment:  Tactical Officer aboard the USS Voyager

Other Information:

Tuvok has been a loyal officer to Starfleet for quite some time, and is considered one of the finest.  He first entered the academy in 2289, and soon graduated in 2293.  He was immediately assigned to the USS Excelsior, which was under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu.  However, after questioning the Captain's motives as the Captain attempted to rescue his colleagues, Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy, Tuvok took a leave of absence from Starfleet for many years.  During his leave of absence, Tuvok began to explore the culture of his people as he strove to be able to control his emotions.

Tuvok then returned to Starfleet approximately in the year 2355 and served on board the USS Wyoming, and also taught classes at Starfleet Academy.

In 2370, he was assigned to the USS Voyager under Captain Kathryn Janeway as Tactical Officer.  In 2371, he was sent into the Maquis on an under-cover operation, and found himself serving on board Chakotay's ship.  Voyager was then sent to recover Tuvok in the Bad Lands, but both Voyager and Chakotay's ship were pulled to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

In 2371, Tuvok was demoted to Lieutenant after dis-obeying a direct order by Captain Janeway, as he attempted to use alien (Sikarrian)  technology to get Voyager home.  In 2374, Captain Janeway restored his rank to Lieutenant Commander.

Tuvok is a vital member of the Voyager crew.  He is rational, intelligent, and often lends advice to his colleague, Captain Janeway.  His stern-ness and lack of expression often results in his mockery by some members of the crew, including Lieutenant Paris, Ensign Kim, Lieutenant Torres and Neelix. (who refers to him as 'Mr. Vulcan')

During his years aboard Voyager, Tuvok has lent his calm state of mind to aid others with their mental journeys, including former crew member Kes, and Ensign Lan Suder (deceased).

In 2375, after regaining contact with Starfleet, Tuvok learned that he was a proud grand-father.

Playing the Vulcan Lute, archery, playing the Vulcan game Kol-Toh, botany, meditations, reading.

Thomas Eugene Paris

Rank:  Lieutenant (honorary rank by Captain Janeway)
Date of Birth: Unknown, approx. 2345
Origin of Birth:  Earth, North America
Family:  Father- Admiral Owen Paris  Mother- Mrs. Paris  Siblings- Two older sisters
Marriage Status:  Involved with Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
Current Assignment:  Helmsman aboard the USS Voyager

Other Information:

Tom Paris, as Captain Janeway puts it, is a new born man.  His career and life in general have been rough, but his experience on Voyager has allowed him to become a more seasoned officer, and a better person in general.

Tom has been once described as a wild child.  He was a carefree individual, who spent much of his time in his room as a child, fearing his father, Admiral Owen Paris.  In fact, it was this room in which he lost his virginity at the tender age of 17 (As noted by the Doctor of Voyager).

Tom is superb pilot, although his early days of piloting were slightly disastrous.  His first Shuttle accident occurred when he crashed his father's Shuttle in Lake Tahoe.  The next accident was far deadlier.  After four years at the Academy, Tom was in a Shuttle accident at Caldrik Prime which resulted in the death of three Starfleet officers.  Tom attempted to cover-up the incident, and as a result, he was banished from Starfleet.  He then decided to assist the Maquis cause as they fought the Cardassians.  On his first mission as a Maquis outlaw, he was captured and imprisoned.  He was sent to the New Zealand penal colony immediately after his court martial.  This was an extreme embarrassment to Admiral Paris, who always delighted on his family having a good name, which was now tarnished.

However, change came in 2371 when Kathryn Janeway arrived at the New Zealand penal colony to recruit Paris on a mission whereby he would assist in the capturing of several Maquis outlaws, under the command of Chakotay.  This mission was of extreme importance since a Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Tuvok was among the crew, posing as a Maquis officer.

Once upon Voyager, Tom acted as merely an observer.  However, after Voyager was thrown to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, and the helmsman, Lieutenant Stati killed, Tom assumed the position of Helmsman.

He did experience opposition from some members of the crew.  The ships Doctor (who also died on the voyager to the Delta Quadrant) and Chakotay.  However, Tom proved himself as he saved Chakotay's life on the Ocampan home world, and also he has saved Voyager countless times with his remarkable piloting abilities.

In 2372, Tom became the first human to break the warp barrier and reach warp 10.  This incident resulted in his evolving into a higher state of human existence.  Later, he mated with Captain Janeway (who also evolved after coming in contact with Tom).  Luckily, the Doctor was able to reverse the effects.

Also in 2372, Tom was involved in an elaborate plan to find out who was the traitor on board Voyager who was giving information to the Kazon.  He appeared to leave the ship, and as incidents unfolded, the traitor turned out to be former Maquis officer, Michael Jonas.

Tom is an invaluable member of the crew, and has shown his worth on countless occasions.  He has certainly changed his ways, and has become an fantastic Starfleet officer.

Spending time on the Holodeck (has a bar program--Marseilles France, and also enjoys time on Neelix's Beach resort program;  also has a vintage car program), Bat'leth on the Holodeck with Lieutenant Torres, reading, gambling, billiards, vintage cars, history.

B'Elanna Torres

Rank:  Lieutenant (honorary rank by Captain Janeway)
Date of Birth:  Unknown; approx. 2345
Origin of Birth:  Earth
Family:  Mother-- Full Klingon, Miral   Father-- Human(deceased)
Marriage Status:  Involved with Lieutenant Tom Paris
Current Assignment:  Chief Engineer aboard USS Voyager

Other Information:

B'Elanna is another member of the crew who has experienced a troubled life.  Being half Klingon, half human and growing up among humans, B'Elanna was been taunted many times.  She also has gotten frustrated with her Klingon side, wishing to become all human.

B'Elanna is extremely intelligent.  She was very bright, and did well at the Academy, although she did not get along with many of the cadets.  She was very highly spoken of at the Academy, but she decided to leave after two years.  Many professors were sorry to see her go, knowing she could have one day made a fantastic Engineer, the likes of Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise.

After leaving the Academy, B'Elanna joined the Maquis, where she served under Chakotay.  She became very close to the crew, including Seska (who turned out to be a Cardassian spy), Chakotay, and Kirk Banderas to name a few.  She saved the crew many times with her quick, decisive Engineering skills.  Once, she was able to de-activate a Cardassian super-torpedo which was heading to annihilate a Maquis planet, and re-program it to attack a Cardassian planet.  This missile however, eventually ended up in the Delta Quadrant after it too was pulled there by the Caretaker.

Upon arriving on Voyager, B'Elanna was not well liked.  A heated conflict with Lieutenant Carey on who should become Chief, she hit him and broke his nose.  However, she eventually became Chief Engineer after proving herself to Captain Janeway after saving Voyager from a temporal anomaly.

Since her first day on Voyager, B'Elanna has grown into a calmer, more mature officer.  In recent years, she has come to accept her Klingon side, and has even participated in various Klingon traditions of coming of age.  She is well liked by the crew, and has saved Voyager on countless occasions.  She is as Kathryn Janeway puts it, a valuable addition to the Voyager crew.

Racquetball, Bat'leth tournaments on the Holodeck with Lieutenant Paris, reading, spending time on the Holodeck.

Harry Kim

Rank:  Ensign
Date of Birth:  2349
Origin of Birth:  Earth, North America, South Carolina
Family:  Mother- Mrs. Kim   Father- Mr. Kim
Marriage Status:  Single, however engaged to fiancee Libby
Current Assignment:  Operations officer aboard USS Voyager

Other Information:

Harry Kim is an excellent and dedicated Starfleet officer, who is always eager to please.  He is driven to succeed, mainly from drive from his parents, to with he is very close.  During his childhood, his parents emphasized a balance of music (clarinet) and sports (Volleyball),  which made Harry a well rounded individual.

He excelled at his four years at the Academy, and his first assignment came in 2371 when he became Operations officer aboard the USS Voyager.  Although slightly nervous and unsure of himself in the beginning, he quickly became more confident and a vital member of the crew.

His years on Voyager have been difficult at times.  In 2371 he was sent to an alternate dimension, and upon returning to the Delta Quadrant, he was dead.  The Doctor was able to resuscitate him very quickly.  In 2372 he entered a time slipstream which sent him to an alternate universe whereby he never joined Voyager's crew.  Also in 2372, Kim died when he was sucked out of a breach on deck 15.  Luckily, Voyager and her crew had just been duplicated by a spatial phenomena, and the Kim from the duplicate Voyager survived and joined the crew.  In 2373, he and Tom Paris, with whom he is best friends, were sent to a prison ship whereby Harry survived tremendously difficult situations, and saved Tom's life.  Also in 2373, his body was infiltrated by a virus while on an away mission which cause him to change biologically into an alien.  These aliens later claimed he was a descendant of their people (this was proven false however, and the Doctor reversed the effects of the virus).  In 2373, he was attacked by a members of Species 8472 and his body was infected with alien DNA, which caused him once again to change biologically.  With the help of Borg Nanoprobes, he was saved by the Doctor.

However, through his many experiences, Harry has become a better Starfleet officer, and has gained confidence.  Although he misses Earth, he truly values the friendships he has made on Voyager.

Volleyball,  reading, playing the clarinet, soccer, the Vulcan game Kol' Toh with Tuvok, billiards, spending time on the Holodeck, journalism.

The Doctor

Rank:  Doctor
Date of Birth:  2371
Origin of Birth:  Programmed at the Jupiter Station by an engineer Lewis Zimmerman (who bears his resemblance) and activated in 2371 by Harry Kim after being thrown to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.
Family:  None.
Marriage Status:  Single
Current Assignment:  Chief Medical Officer aboard USS Voyager

Other Information:

The Doctor was first activated by Harry Kim in 2371 when Voyager was experiencing a medical emergency.  Although he program was merely to be a temporary replacement, he has become much more than that--a member of the Voyager family.

When the Doctor was first activated, he was uncaring, cool, and did not have a good bed-side manner.  However, after having Kes assigned to be his nurse to assist him in Sickbay, he began to grow (his program is adaptable), and as a result, his mood changed and his bed-side manner improved.  He truly began to feel needed and wanted.

In 2371, the Doctor was given the ability to activate and de-activate his program at will.  This gave him much independence, and again, his program grew and adapted to the new circumstances.

Throughout his years on Voyager, the Doctor has never been given a name, but he has tried.  One possibility was Doctor Shiwtzer.

In 2373, the Doctor received a piece of 29th century Starfleet technology-- a portable Holo-emitter.  This allowed him to leave the confines of Sickbay at will, and even travel to planets.  In 2373, he went on his first away mission as he visited an alien mining colony, searching for a reason to their mysterious sickness.

Although only a program, the Doctor as had two relationships.  One was with a character in a Holodeck program.  The other was a Vidiian Doctor, Denara Pel, (he saved her life).  Once, he took Denara to the Holodeck and ran one of Tom's vintage car programs.

In 2373, the Doctor experienced a slight difficulty when he added subroutines of his program from noted figures in history, such as Gandhi.  This resulted in the un-stabilization of his program for a short period of time.  In that time, he attempted to kill an alien who was involved with Kes.

Also in 2373, the Doctor's program was almost lost, since he had almost run out of room for all his subroutines.  Luckily, Kes saved the day when she suggested the grafting of the EMH "help" program matrix to the Doctors.

In 2374, after Kes left Voyager, Tom Paris was assigned once again to take on Sickbay duties (in 2371 he was briefly assigned to Sickbay per Captain Janeway's orders).  Although deeply affected by her loss, the Doctor soon recovered.  He has delighted in teaching person skills that he once learned to Seven of Nine, Voyager's new crew member.

Also in 2374, the Doctor's back-up module was stolen.

The Doctor has become a valuable member of the Voyager team, saving the ship from a deadly macro-virus, and developing a method to stop Species 8472 by using Nanoprobes.  These are just two occasions where he has shown great value to the crew.

Time on the Holodeck, opera, reading, helping Neelix with his Program, "A Briefing with Neelix".


Rank:  Civilian & Ambassador
Date of Birth:  Unknown, approx. 2335
Origin of Birth:  Rinax (destroyed in war)
Family:  Parents- Both Talaxians;  Siblings- Sister-Alexia
Marriage Status:  Single
Current Assignment:  Cook, moral officer and Ambassador aboard the USS Voyager.

Other Information:

 Neelix, a Talaxian, first boarded Voyager in 2371 after being retrieved from a junk-yard.  Since Voyager was in un-familiar territory, Neelix was willing to help Captain Janeway and her crew find Voyager's missing crew members (Harry and B'Elanna) if he was to receive food and of course, water.  (a rare commodity in the Delta Quadrant, due to the lack of replicators)

Although Neelix's stay was originally to be only temporary, he was able to talk Captain Janeway into allowing him and his partner, Kes, to stay aboard Voyager.  His reasoning...Voyager would need a guide, and a cook.  Janeway of course accepted his offer.

Within a few weeks, Neelix had made himself at home on Voyager.  He turned the Captain's private mess on Deck 2 in the Mess Hall.  He appointed himself "ship morale" officer, in which he declared he would cheer up the lonely crew.

Although Neelix's cooking wasn't exactly appetizing at first to the crew, they eventually adapted to his various cuisine's, such as Leola Root stew, or his Obela Bask Stew.

In his first year on Voyager, Neelix was abducted by the organ harvesting race, the Vidiians.  In this encounter, they removed his lungs.  In the end, Kes was willing to donate one of her lungs to save her partners life.

Also in his first year on Voyager, Neelix confronted the man responsible for the destruction of his home world, Rinax.

Neelix's expertise on the Delta Quadrant proved to be very beneficial for his first three years on board Voyager.  He guided them to planets rich in vegetables and fruits;  he warned them of space better left untouched;  he also proved to be a good ambassador as he managed to "smooth" things over with the Kitaati, after Captain Janeway made an offensive gesture by placing her hands on her hips.

However, once arriving at the Nekrid Expanse, Voyager had left Neelix's area of expertise, and he began fearing at once Captain Janeway would order him off the ship since he no longer was needed as a guide.  However, Neelix was still very much needed on board the ship, as he became a very valuable member of the crew.

In 2373, Kes decided that she and Neelix should 'separate'. Although this upset Neelix greatly, he and Kes enjoyed a fantastic friendship right to the day she left the ship.

In 2374, after Neelix was killed on a shuttle mission, Seven of Nine was able to use her nanoprobes to resuscitate Neelix.  The experience of death left Neelix quite shaken, since he was no longer sure of an afterlife.

Neelix looks forward to spending the rest of his life with the Voyager crew.  If the crew does make it home, he claims he will have to share all his unique recipes with the entire Alpha Quadrant.



Cooking, Spending time on the Holodeck, reading, making his program "A Briefing with Neelix" each week.

Seven of Nine (Annika Hansen)

Rank:  Honourary member of the crew
Date of Birth:  Unknown;  2348
Origin of Birth:  Tendara Colony
Family:  Parents- Both Human civilians, interested in exploring the cosmos.  Siblings--None
Marriage Status:  Single
Current Assignment:  Honourary member of the crew;  works in Engineering and on various tasks.

Other Information:

The Hansen's by Starfleet standards were wanderers and explorers, always wanting to seek out strange new worlds.  In the late 2330's, the Hansen's set off from the Omega Sector on board the USS Raven.  It is believed that the ship was equipped with a new type of warp drive which allowed them to travel to the Delta Quadrant in a very small period of time.

On her six birthday, Annika and her parents became the first humans to ever be assimilated by the Borg.  At that point, Annika Hansen became Seven of Nine.

It was not until 2374 until Annika (Seven) would meet humans again.  She was designed to be an individual to work with Captain Janeway and Tuvok to destroy Species 8472.  This was due to Captain Janeway's un-willingness to hook her mind to the collective to speed up the process.  Seven was designed to be a messenger.

After the modified nanoprobes stopped the threat of Species 8472, Seven received a message from the Collective to transmit Voyager's co-ordinates so that Voyager could be assimilated.  Captain Janeway was ready for this possibility, and Seven was cut from the Collective.

At first, Seven was furious at the thought of being an individual and Collective to guide her actions.  Although it took several weeks, Seven began to adapt.

As Seven grew to be more human and less Borg, she had to learn many tasks over once again--manners, eating, socializing (the Doctor assisted her with this), adjusting to a chain of command, and emotions.

Seven's strong determination and coldness often offended many crew members, including B'Elanna Torres who resented her assignment to Engineering.  Seven also came head to head many times with Captain Janeway over conflicting issues, such as helping save a member of Species 8472.

In 2374, Seven came face to face with the Omega particle, which the Borg consider to be perfect, due to its energy capabilities and efficiency.  The Borg value efficiency above all else.

Seven's Borg efficiency has often been very beneficial to the crew.  She helped Ensign Kim construct the Astrometrics Lab which had advanced sensor capabilities, able to scan the far reaches of space.  She also used her Borg nanoprobes to save Neelix's life.  She saved her and Captain Janeway from Arturis as the 'supposed' Starfleet ship Dauntless headed towards Borg space.  Finally, she single-handedly navigated Voyager alone for a month through a mutara nebula.

By the end of her first year on Voyager, Seven was still required to return to the Cargo Bay to use one of the Borg alcoves to regenerate each day.  She also receives nutrient supplements.

Although still adapting to human culture and procedures, Captain Janeway is sure that Seven will one day accept her human side, and will be able to easily interact with the crew, and follow orders to a T.  However, both the Doctor and the Captain agree she has a long way to go.


The ability to interact with the crew, playing Velocity on the Holodeck with the Captain.

Kes (former member of the crew)

Rank:  Honourary member of the crew.
Date of Birth:  2370
Origin of Birth:  The Ocampan Home world
Family:  Parents-- Both Ocampan
Marriage Status:  Single, formerly involved with Neelix
Current Assignment:  Was Voyager's nurse;  using telepathic abilities, moved to a higher state of existence.

Other Information:

Kes was an Ocampan that came aboard with Neelix in 2371.  Her race, the Ocampans have an extremely short life span, only living nine years, and in some cases, ten or eleven.

Kes was an immediate valuable addition to the crew.  She started a hydroponics bay in a Cargo Bay, which provided fresh vegetables and fruit to the Mess Hall for Neelix's cooking.

She also took over nurse duties from Tom Paris in Sickbay, and greatly aided the Doctor in times of Emergency.  She also helped the Doctor develop his bed side manner, and his interaction with the crew, and women.

In her early years, Kes' telepathic abilities were un-developed.  However, with the aid of Tuvok's calm mind, she was able to advance some of her abilities.

In 2373, she communicated telepathically with Species 8472.  After the experience, she had gained new telepathic abilities.  She was able to pick up objects mentally.  She also saved Seven of Nine's life when she mentally removed a Borg nanoprobe from a major nerve.

Her experience with 8472 left her to advance to be able to enter a new dimension.  Kes was unable to stop the transformations.  However, each time she began to slip into the alternate dimension, she damaged the ship.  Captain Janeway was then forced to send Kes on a Shuttle, where she finished her transformation and left our dimension for another.  Her final gift to her family of three years was sending the ship ten years closer to home, and past Borg space.

Kes will never be forgotten, and will always be deeply missed by the crew.

                          Thanks to the creator of this great Voyager Database