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The guys at the local paper, Portland Phoenix" decided to give us an award.So they created the Best Geriatric Band award.Pretty funny stuff and I thought to share this with our fans.Being 49 years old and still rockin out with my old angry attitude feels good and I am glad I never sold out to make money nor have any other member of BMH.Long live rebelious art.Question Authority.Punks not dead.

                                 Best Geriatric Band

They say that punk is for the young. If thatís true, whatís up with Big Meat Hammer? Frontman Jordan Kratz (you know who he is ó balding on top, flowing locks in back, Clark Kent glasses, jean jacked with pins, always has his little dog with him) played in the Transplants in the í70s. They have children older than most of the Phoenix staff. They hung out with GG Allin.

But their advanced age doesnít keep Skummy Man and company from continuing to play all-ages shows all over Maine, as well as hold down a monthly gig (or so) at their favorite haunt, Genoís. BMH are coming up on their 15th anniversary next year, and their experience shows. Sure, theyíll still foam at the mouth, spit beer at you, and get naked, but Kratz also does lots of recording, video work, and consulting for younger bands. Their Web site continues to be a Portland punk museum of sorts, with photos going back to the late í90s, including shots of the police raid of FUDAfest. Plus, theyíve been smart enough to keep that fantastic name all this time. Big. Meat. Hammer. Itís just so fun to say.

If you donít have their full-length album, Keep Portland Clean, you should go buy it. Released in 2001, itís full of great two-minute anthems and itís proof positive that not every musician either burns out or fades away.


The link for this Award and others on the Phoenix Website is: