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       Jordan's Crypt is a  video series of local Maine Punk Rock  and Garage Bands. Local Professionals in the audio and video fields donate their time to make this live recorded event possible.The audio team on both Vol.1 and Vol.2 are Phil Hersey (engineer for WMPG) , Marc Bartholomew (Tsunami Sound,ex-Skinny sound man), and Gina Branch.This year Fraser Jones (owner:Independent Audio) joins the pro-audio team.

Volume 3 of Jordan's Crypt is being filmed in the Public Access TV Studio at 516 Congress Street.The event will start at noon.Fraser Jones will be using a Merging Technologies workstation to record 8 channels of DSD Audio while Jordans uses 2 pro-dv cameras to film the event.

This year we will have performing these artists for Jordan's Crypt Volume 3

Non-Rock Block

Samuel James playing excellent blues

Rock Block

Big Meat Hammer,Jordan & The Lynn Rebels,Freedom Assault,Psycho,and The Assbags.



The Video team is directed by Jordan with 4 cameras on the action.2 Pro-Cameras and 2 consumer units and all the filming/editing is DV

                    VOLUME   2   BAND LIST

1.Down To Kill

2.Big meat Hammer

3.Donkey Punch

4.Hellwheel Drive

5.Tom Savage Explosion


7.Pinko and the Action Boys

8.Anarchists Autonomous



         Here are The Brood from my first Video Volume.They are 4 Rockin Stompin 60's Garage Cavegirls.Check out the band at your record store.They have numerous singles and two LP's with a third coming out.




           Fury 440 also played and are included in Volume One.They are a local punk band who do fast 80's style punk.

      The Studs,Herod,The Brood,Big Meat Hammer,and Fury 440 are all on Volume One  of Jordan's Crypt......Videos are available.This is a pro-edited live performance.the audio was from a DAT Tape.2 SVHS Prosumer cameras were used to film.Also Bluescreen and lighting in a large studio space.You can order this for the price of a blank and the postage..I figure any  where in the USA for $5.00.


               JORDAN'S CRYPT

                POB 7971

                PORTLAND,ME. 04112

 Checks to Jordan Kratz for tapes.$5 inc. postage.

           NEW HAMPSHIRE 

           AND MAINE BANDS

Get in touch to be on some future volume.