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       Sadie the Pembroke

            Welsh Corgi

       Pembrokes have been used by the Welsh as herding dogs, family companions, and guardians of the farm. They continue today to be workers and companions for their owners. It is believed that their ancestry dates back to at least the tenth century. It is unknown whether they are descended from the Vallhunds (Swedish cattle dogs possibly brought to Pembrokeshire by the Vikings) or from the ancestors of the present-day Schipperkes and    Pomeranians that were brought to Wales by Flemish weavers.Corgis make great herding dogs whose small stature enables them to swiftly avoid the hooves of Cattle.They are an extremely intelligent species who love to perform chores.They enjoy a daily routine and were known to work all day in the farm then guard the family at night.They make excellent watchdogs and can hear very well.They love to be given tasks to do and will often look up at you waiting for some instruction from their master.Sadie will cock her head to the side and stare at you when you talk and she has a funny sound she makes.All the Corgis do these things.I am now putting up a second page with pictures of Pembroke Welsh Corgis from puppies to adults.

        Here are two pictures of Sadie when she was just a young pup.



 Hear Sadie Bark         Sadie makes a noise

Sadie's Corgi Roo-Roo Voice

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