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      Sadie's Illness

Sadie has hip dysplasia and arthritis.Her back legs have got worse over the years and things were looking bad but now it looks like Sadie won't die.I purchased a wheelchair at Doggon' Wheels and the local video store Videoport donated the money to keep her alive.She got the chair on 5/12/01 and now it is 2002 and she is buzzing about town with a happy Corgi face.Sadie will always be in the chair outside but I know she is comfortable and feels no pain.She is now 12 and should be able to live out a good doggy life.Thank you Videoport for saving Sadie's life.Here are some pictures of Sadie at Videoport taken by James Cagney.




                Sadie's WheelCam Video


                 Sadie's WheelCam Video

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