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          The Archives of Jordan

Since I have been playing in bands since 1972 I thought to put up some of the stuff  I've done over the years.I'll add to this section now and then.If you want to see or hear something special drop me a line.I will also include some older Big Meat Hammer stuff for the fans.I intend to also put up links to all the video and audio clips on this site.All Maine bands and any film clips will be located here in the Archives.There is also a page with lots of live Big Meat Hammer Videos.Make sure to check out the Fudafest galleries.There are many pictures of us at the event playing and partying.

Additional Big Meat Hammer Live Videos click here to Live Video Archive for BMH.

The encoding is all high-bandwidth so Modem Users may want to download their clips.High-Bandwidth enables us to give you a decent looking video with decent stereo .There are also some Quicktime videos.If you encounter any problems or have requests then send me an e-mail at   

You can also check out my freelance site for all audio/video work.The site is and if you have a technical question try for all free advice,etc.

 New to the Archive Page is a collection of videos now encoded to Windows Media.These videos will be whole shows of us live and many short fun videos.All video will be at 720x480  resolution with 192k mpg stereo audio.All music in this page has been done over at 320k mp3 stereo.The video bandwidth is 2000kbps.All are nice quality full screen videos.

             New Windows Media 9 (720x480)

           These songs from the Feb.2007 Video Shoot

       Down Em Up

        Speak Out

        Darren Moore

        What The Fuck You Lookin At


      These are a variety of our videos


        Full Set of BMH Jordan's 50th B-Day

       The Betty Page Tribute Film

      Live at the Asylum

         Down Em Up

        Big Meat Hammer Photo Slideshow

        Fudafest Slideshow

        Gore Slideshow

        King Of Scum Video

        Big Meat Hammer Live Public Access TV

         I Wanna Get High


Following Videos with our first drummer:Sean

          Automaton Of Death 


          Bloody Hell

          Butcher Boy

          Can You Feel The Pain


          Evolution Leap

          My House


          Satan's Hour

          Speak Out

          Suicide Song

          They Control

          War Machine

Following videos with drummer:Night Shade

           Automaton Of Death 


           Bloody Hell

           Butcher Boy

           Can You Feel The Pain


           Evolution Leap

           My House


           Satan's Hour       

           Speak Out

           Suicide Song

           They Control

           War Machine

          More     Big Meat Hammer Videos            

         Videos of us playing live in Maine click here


              New Real Audio G2 Videos 124 kb/s 

              Butcher Boy Real A/V

              Darren Moore Real A/V

              Democrazy Real A/V

              Down Em Up Real A/V

              I Wanna Get High Real A/V

              Satan's Hour Real A/V

              Yuppie Pigs Die Real A/V

              War Machine Real A/V

              Cover of Deadboys: I Need Lunch Real A/V

             King of Skum High bandwith Full Screen Real A/V


     High Quality Real Video From the Public Access TV Jordan's Crypt Vol.2

         No Authority High Bandwidth

         Retro Music Sucks High Bandwidth

         What The Fuck You Looking At High Bandwidth



           Big Meat Hammer Music

Brand new for you ! CD Audio Flac of 3 BMH CD's for free.These are all from Masters.Highest quality I have to give you.

Please Keep Portland Clean Album here

Songs From The Dinner Table Album here

Big Meat Hammer unreleased studio session EP here


                   All Music Now at 320k Stereo MP3

                  No Authority MP3                    

                  Retro Sucks MP3

                  What The Fuck You Lookin At MP3

                 "Speak Out"   MP3

                 "I Wanna Get High" MP3

                 "Satan's Hour"  MP3                    

                 "Evolution Leap"  MP3            

                "Bloodlust"   MP3                        

                "King Of Skum" MP3

               "Automaton Of Death" MP3

                "Butcher Boy" MP3

                "Bite It You Skum" MP3

                "Can You Feel The Pain" MP3

                "Bloody Hell" MP3

                "Drink Fight Fuck" MP3

                "They Control" MP3

                "War Machine" MP3

                "Pervert" MP3

                "Democrazy" MP3

                "Suicide Song" MP3

                "BMH Theme" MP3

                "Down Em Up" MP3

                "I Hate You" MP3

                "City Kids" MP3

                "Pass The Bottle" MP3

                "Darren Moore" MP3

                "My House" MP3

                "Sirens Call" MP3

                "Iron Treads" MP3

                "Room" MP3

                "I Walk Alone" MP3

              "Apocalyn's Song"

               "Street Dog"

               "No Satisfaction"

               "Black Forest"

              "One Foot In The Grade"

               "Running Thru The Night"

                 UNRELEASED BMH SONG

             BMH Covers Sonic Reducer MP3       



         The Lynn Rebels Audio

Here you can download the full "Gonna Get Wasted" Album at master quality.Right click and save to your device.

                     All MP3s 320k


       Bush is a Body Part

        Patriot Act

        You Don't Rule Me


        Gonna Get Wasted

        Boys Of Lynn


        Slutty Girls

        Beer Drinkin = Fun

        Global Warming

        I Fuck Girls

        Eat My Feces

        Pig Rock

        Full Of Hate

        Nothin At All

        Package Store Run

        Nightlife Rules



                               The Transplants

Check out the only footage of my Punk Band I formed in 1977 living in the Boston area.You can read a Bio on the band .Click here for this archive.

          Transplants Real A/V 124 kb/s Clip

      Police State and I've Had My Fill live 1979 Boston


            Transplants Windows Media 720x480 192k stereo audio 2200kbps bandwidth high quality live 2 songs 1979 Modern Theater in Boston.

           Transplants Slideshow




Brand New is this High Resolution 24BIT/96K Transfers.The Full Album "Vegetable Stew" is now here straight off my professional Audio Gear.Download the whole package or individual Songs.All Audio was done off my surviving Tapes and imported at 24bit/192k for the best possible Audio.

Here is the full Album you can download.It is in 3 parts so download the 3 and open the Archive.Rught click stuff and save to your drive.This is HD Audio 24bit /96k FLAC

 vegstw1                    vegstw2                  vegstw3     






 BRAND NEW 2014 Project......REEL TO REEL HD AUDIO !!!


I have located some of the original reels which were the recordings of The Transplants.I am working on those old 4 Track Tapes now.The ASlbum and the CD which came out had been sourced with some old safety copies not the original reels.Some reels were found and two of them contain tunes used on the official releases.Now I am going to restore those reels and put them here for any to grab and share.

Here is your first free reel to reel.This session was done on 4 Track Tape with Roger Tripp of LaPeste playing drums and doing backing vocals.Reel to reel was recorded at the old LaPeste Loft on Chauncey Street , Boston, Mass April - May 1979

I am doing this in two formats for you and both are in FLAC FORMAT.You will have the choice of grabbing a 16bit/44.1k FLAC for CD or the high definition 24bit /96k FLAC for better sound.I suggest grabbing the HD Audio and listening thru big speaker system.Audio is all properly tagged w/info and  cover art.Folder includes more info and various images plus tech info.Right click on link and save to your device.Archive is a ZIPFILE.

All the Tape Reels are being mixed by Jordan Kratz 2014.Using M-Audio Profire 2626 with Merging Technologies Pyramix.Also using a bunch of other gear to restore these reels.

HERE: Transplants direct from 4 Track Reeel from May 1979 at the LaPeste Loft with Roger Tripp (drummer of LaPeste) druming and doing backing vocals.Recording was done by Dave "Hardkorps" Koehler, Mark Mayhem, and Jordan Kratz

The Transplants 5/79 LaPeste Loft Recordings at 16bit/ 44.1k FLAC Here

The Transplants 5/79 LaPeste Loft Recordings at HD Audio 24bit/ 96k FLAC Here


And here we have a brandnew thing I have done.Basically I took a reel which was labeled Rhythm Tracks May 1979 and I took the above reel for the May 1979 DIY Studio Project and married the two together like this:

Track 1 - Left Drums, Track 2 - Right Drums, Track 3 - Rhythm Guitar,Track 4 - Bass,Track 5 - Lead/Rhythm Overdub, Track 6 - Vocals.

The two tapes were running at slightly different speed and not timecoded so this has been 4-6 weeks of work to sync together.Should        be done now and it sounds really good.I hear everything from kick drum to the crispy cymbals.

HERE: The New 6 Track Expanded Re-Mix for the DIY Studio PRoject with Roger Tripp at the LaPeste Loft May 1979.

The Expanded 6 Track Remix at HD 24bit/ 96k FLAC Here  6-Track Part 1              6-Track Part 2

The Expanded 6 Track Remix at HD 16bit/ 44.1k FLAC Here



HERE: The Transplants from 4 Track Reel with Roger Tripp playing live at The Space, Batterymarch Street, Boston,Mass in June of 1979.Recording was done by Dave "Hardkorps" Koehler

The Transplants Live at the Space June 1979 HD Audio 24bit/96k FLAC here

The Transplants Live at the Space at 16bit/ 44.1k FLAC here


The next three reels I found are with Paul Lacritz on Drums.These were recorded and mixed in a few places.Rhythm Tracks (drums,bass,rhythymguitar) were recorded around Sept. - Nov.1978 in the old Lynn Loft which we were evicted from by the end of November.Eviction notice is included in the 3 reels as a jpg image.

The Vocals and lead guitar were done at my Parent's home in Marblehead by the Middle of December 1978.

Then various mixes and minor things were done at my old Aprtment in Marblehead which I shared with Dan and Dave "Hardkorps" Koehler.All three of these are now   restored and remixed by Jordan 2014.

The Recordings were all done by Dave "HardKorps" Koehler with his TEAC 4 Track.Mark and Jordan did some recording and assistance but Dave deserves the greater credit for helping us, donating his gear, and being a great friend.RIP Dave and RIP Roger and RIP Marky...............3 awesome old friends of mine I really miss.

The Transplants Live at the Lynn Loft and Marblehead Fall to Dec.1978 HD Audio 24bit/96k FLAC here

The Transplants Live at the Lynn Loft and Marblehead Fall to Dec.1978 at 16bit/ 44.1k FLAC here


The Transplants Live at the Lynn Loft and Marblehead Fall 1978 to Jan.1979 HD Audio 24bit/96k FLAC here

The Transplants Live at the Lynn Loft and Marblehead Fall 1978 to Jan.1979 at 16bit/ 44.1k FLAC here


The Transplants Live at the Lynn Loft and Marblehead Jan-Mar.1979 HD Audio 24bit/96k FLAC here



                  MP3's From Fall 1978

These were recorded in Lynn,Mass. and at my folks home.Paul Lacritz was the Drummer in this earlier line-up. 

                I've Had My Fill

                Suicidal Tendencies

                Police State

                It's Your Own Fault


                That's The Way

                Vegetable Stew

                I've Had My Fill (Alt.Take)

                It's your Own Fault (Alt.Take)

These were recorded with Roger Tripp of LaPeste live at The Space or at the LaPeste Loft on Chauncey St. Boston 1979

            I Never Loved Her Live at The Space

            Levitation Live at the loft

                My Time Live at The Space

            Starvation Live at The Space

And these have never been released.This is the first ever songwriting session I had.From the fall of 1976 and I remember I was tripping on LSD and Wayne Morris the Guitarist was drunk.We wrote what we called Punk Rock Songs.Suicidal Tendencies would be used and years later for The Lynn Rebels we usd F.B.I. as Wayne and John the drummer and I were all friends from the First Grade and the neighborhood.Enjoy these foolish and insane demos.All presented at 320k MP3

Suicidal Tendencies

Bum Trip

F.B.I. (Fat Bellied Ignoramuses)

I Wanna Be Free

I Hate You



            The GoreHounds





Hear an un-released song and get info on my 60's garage punk band.Formed here in Portland and used the "Electric Jug"like the 13th Floor Elevators.See Images and read a Bio.Click her for this archive.             

The GoreHounds are now available for download in high resolution audio files.These were sourced from Miunt Unplyed Vinyl Records.I own a small studio and do Audiophile Quality Transfers so all the gear used is of professional quality.All iles are 24bit/192k high resolution FLAC.

Halloween Everywhere Full Album and our Single plus Yup,XMAS from Midnite Records XMAS Comp plus bonuses 3 Unreleased Demos and 2 live openers.Each set we would open up with a freeform jam while poems from 1930's era Weird Tales were read.These openers were never released publicly.Download the 3 parts.......right click and save as:

gore1                  gore2                        gore3


If you want to just grab individual songs they are all here:


2.Voodoo Priest

3.Tune In To My Love

4.Dead Things

5.You Won't Love Me Today


7.Crazy Fate


9.Corpse Worm


11.Am I Dead Yet ?


13.Psychedelic Joureny (Part 3)

14.The Fox

15.No Reality

16.Never Do You Wrong

17.Crazy Fate Demo

18.No Reality Demo

19.The Fox Demo

20.Improv Poem Opener Genos Aug.86

21.Improve Poem Opener Genos Early 87



    Here are 3 unreleased songs from Gorehounds .Enjoy these out-takes from the 7" session in Beverly, Massachusetts Spring 1986.This track have Cindy Williams on Rhythm and Bob Cellars on "Jug" only. High Quality 320 k MP3

                   No Reality (Original Demo)

              Crazy Fate (Original Demo)

              The Fox (Original Demo)

 The GoreHounds Previously Released Songs

Download all the songs from the 7" and from "Halloween Everywhere" the vinyl LP.All files are 320k mp3 stereo.

        Crazy Fate MP3

        Dead Things MP3

        Never Do You Wrong  MP3

        GoreHounds  MP3

        Necrosis MP3

        The Fox MP3

        Voodoo Priest MP3

        Tune in (to my love) 

        Corpse Worm  

        Am I Dead Yet

        Wild Man

        Psychedlic Journey

        You Won't Love Me


     And here is two different openings for 2 shows.Here is where you can hear our improv jams along with Jordan quoting old rare horror poems out of Weird Tales and other obscure Pulp Magazines.Audio is 320k mp3 stereo

    Poem Improv from Genos 1986 7" Release Party

   Poem improv from Green Street Club in Boston 1986


        GoreHounds Live Video Clips

     I Am A Corpse Live Genos 1988

     Wildman Live Genos 1988


           Bio-Radioactive Terminal Mental

This was a project I spent a year putting together.All music was recorded in my apartment using a 4-track and D.A.T.The video took almost a year to edit.The finished product is a 7 song video LP.You can order this on the CD Order page.

       Bio-Radioactive Terminal Mental Videos

          Real Video Smaller size clips

        Element:Sublimit High Bandwidth        

        Pigtown Fling High Bandwidth

       Windows Media 720x480 stereo audio 192k full screen 2200kbps

             Pigtown Fling

             Element Sublimit


             Psycho-Sexual Drums

 I now have a Gallery of old Punk Flyers from BMH and other bands shows on line.Click in here to see some old flyers.


                             The Studs

                         SEE A STUDS MPEG-1 Video

                       HEAR A STUDS MP3 Song  

                       The GoreHounds

                   "No Reality"  MP3 File


             Punk Bands Send Me Stuff 


                               Free Meat For The Wicked......



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