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    Click here for the Kratz Family Holocaust Memorial Site of Carpathian/Transylvanian Jewry 


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     Check out the large vintage science fiction pulps and rare paperback galleries.

Click here for Alternative: Scottish Punk Rock Band.

Click here for Boston Rock 1977 - 1979 In Memory Of Dave "Hard Korp" Koehler

I am hosting the official fan page for this awesome Act.Tons of free CD Quality Audio and 24bit/192k Vinyl rips done with Audiophile Studio Gear.

My Archives page now has Master Quality FLAC of BMH Albums and Lynn Rebels LP.Also Transplants and Gorehounds FLACs.


NOV.7th At Genos.And it is going to be an awesome show at that.Hope people are going to come out.

Unnatural Axe, Big Meat Hammer, Cryptid Slaughter, Pink Sock, and Black Hatch


Join my Facebook Group "Boycott Big Content" or join on Facebook "Boycott Big Content Organization" please.I would appreciate this.I am Jordan Kratz original punk rocker from 1976.Fight the Establishment now !

Keep yourself aware and learn of what your Government is up to.Orwell would be rolling in his Grave.His book "1984" was a warning to what should never happen.That kind of scenario is getting closer and closer in our lives.You must speak up now !


PROTEST Any Censorship of  the Internet. Call your Reps and Washington Now !!!Do Nothing and you will see real Censorship and Control of the Internet.Also send all your Reps and the White House multiple emails.Post Censorship news on your Facebook and your websites.If they stop these Bills they will only bring that up later this year or after the Election.All of us hate the corrupt Government and we hate the "Big Content" People and their stooge Politicians.This is the position of the Lynn Rebels and Big Meat Hammer.And now there is a good possibility Washington will try to sneak Internet Censorship into a Cyber-Security Bill as I & Others thought would happen.Plus we now have to deal with a corrupted FCC who wants to create a toll booth highway for the Internet.There will be fast lanes and slow lanes, etc.Things are not at all cool in the Internet thanks to greedbags.

Boycott all Big Content in Protest: Do not go to a theater,buy new physical or digital content, or allow Big Content a way to your wallet.Support and buy INDIE Stuff only.Join the Boycott now.






Bob the bass player of The Lynn Rebels has just passed away.He had Esophagus Cancer and was fighting it hard.Going thru the Chemo which wipes out your immune system.He got an infection and died a few days ago.We are working with Jon Fisher who will take over for Bob.Bob is going to be missed.He was a great guy, a great bandmate, and a great friend.Check out the bandpages here and download our music for free on the Archives Page.


Booking Agents,Band Business, and those putting on shows can now contact us at

Gore Productions now does live multi-track recording for local Portland Artists.Contact me at

Make sure to check out the archives page.Lots of free 320k mp3s from a multitude of bands over the years.Click the link above for all free BMH audio and video

Just a reminder to make sure to vote here in Maine to support same sex marriage.Be fair and show some respect as gays/lesbians are human beings and deserve to be treated the same as any other citizen of the USA.Our constitution says we are all to be treated equally.You can vote early.I already did.We have to stop the asshole bigots in this state.

Thank you from Jordan

The Lynn Rebels LP, "Gonna Get Wasted" is now available for sale.LP is $10 plus postage.write or if you are in Portland we sell them at Videoport 151 Middle Street.

PROTEST THE RIAA !!! Stop buying any music from large record labels or any who have signed with the RIAA.Do not support anyone who has anything to do with these shysters.BMH Does not and will never need your mafia organization.Us artists are better off without these kind of crooks.Everyone out there should stop feeding the pig and support your Local and/or Independent Artist.Help the cause and stand up for your rights.

Beware of the ISP's who are trying to bring their ripoff "consumption" style billing on us consumers.And they will milk us real good if this happens.Write to congress and demand that ISP's charge us a flat rate by the month for our Internet Access."Consumption" style billing articles are all over the Internet.Google it and read about the GREED !!!


Sign and read our guestbook here.

Check out the Fudafest Galleries.New one is up for the 2007 Party.There are 8 years of galleries.

Lots of newer 2007 - 2008 Images are up now.Check out the new photo galleries.

All New Videos are up on the Archives page.The videos are all Windows Media 9.Specs are: 720x480 video,192k stereo CBR is CBR 2000kbps.Great quality full screen full 29.97 frames/second video.

All audio on the site has  been done over in high quality 320k mp3 and there is also new audio clips up.Check out the archives section for download links.


Here is a link so you can check out The Same Band.the Same Band were one of Maine's earliest punk bands.Clcik anywhere in this paragragh and you will go to their website.See pictures, video, and hear this amazing 1970's original Punk Rockers.

A photo gallery is now up from the last night at the old Genos at 13 Brown Street.Click here for the "Last Night At Genos Photobook".

Check out some new 2005 photos of BMH.

For Your listening enjoyment here is a MP3 of GG Allin performing at Genos Oct.21,1986.It is 9 minutes long and this was one of GG's shows where he used a tapedeck of his music with vocals removed as his band.Enjoy this GG Allin piece of history from our very own Genos.Click anywhere in this paragraph for the MP3.


This year marked the 60TH anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.Many of my relatives perished there by those bastard Nazi pricks.Before WW2 there were around 72 people in the Kratz family and there was around 200 Jews in the small village of Luh.The village was in Southern Carpathia and is now called "Lug" and is in the Ukraine.Across the Tisza River and near Luh is the larger city of Szighet in romania.After WW2 around 10 members of the family came home.90% of the Jews of Transylvania and Carpathia had perished and mostly in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau.If you are interested in what happened to my family and all the other families who were from this region I have a 5 1/2 hour professional documentary I made which is on sale for $15.00.The documentary took me over 3 years to make and will tell you of life there before,during,and after WW2.Click anywhere in this paragraph for more information on my family and on Auschwitz.There is a large photo gallery as well as information on Hungarian Jewry during World War 2,My documentary is called "A Family Journeys Backwards".Here is a picture of one of the box arts.

   All of this content is being mirrored at my business website for Gore Productions.The Gore Productions website is a family friendly G Rated website.If you are offended by the content of my band's site click anywhere here to go to my family friendly site.Enter Gore Productions Here if you wish

New songs have been put up on the website.Check out the Archive page with lots of free music.Lots of new videos.GoreHounds videos are up and more GoreHounds and Transplants songs too.

If you have seen Jordan's bright colored hair over the years and you want some too then you ought to check out the hairdresser of Jordan.Her name is Holly and she does a great job.The hair colors used are permanent and they do stay in real well.No more colors on your scalp and colors on your towels,clothes,and pillows as these colors stay in for months and don't bleed out.You can reach Holly at Primp in Falmouth, Maine.Her number is 207-781-4500.Tell her Jordan sent you and she may give you a cheaper deal.Anyways the amount of cheap semi-permanent stuff you would have to buy and the time you spend to put it in just ain't worth it compared to the real permanent colors.

Check out the Best Of The Phoenix Awards.We are now Maine's Best "Geriatric" Band.Pretty funny stuff and you can read it all here.

Click here to learn more of The Transplants...Jordan's first Punk Band in the 1970's.2ND LP coming out on Dionysus Records in late April 2004.A 25 year reunion show just happened and it was recorded with video,audio,and still camera.See a few archival videos here as well.There is a bio,images,and a few songs too.

Check out the photogallery from Geno's in Portland,ME.Geno's has always supported the local Punk Rock Scene.This gallery is from one night out at Geno's.Click to enter the photogallery from 9/03

Click Here For Photos Of Collings Foundation 10/10/09 Living History WW2 Re-enactment.See soldiers who will be helping & starring in my film, "Von Stempler's Doom".If this interests you contact me Jordan the webmaster.

Cedar Audio Based restoration work is now available.I now have a full decked out CEDAR system tied in digital to a ProTools system.Click here for more information on my CEDAR services.I will fix any audio you got.There is now a lot of new information on CEDAR and on the work I can do for you.

              The Transplants are up on the Boston Dirtywater Rock Museum site.Tons of info on the older Boston Scene can be found at this online archival music site.

Check out our Fudafest Photo Galleries from 2001, 2002,2003,and 2004.2005,and 2006.There are over a 350 full size photographs here taken by Matt Anson (2001), by Roger Leisner (2002), and Jordan Kratz (2003 and 2004.You can also see some of the Police Raid on Fudafest 2002.There are also full sets of BMH playing live.

Brand new KING OF SKUM Video.Real funny video you can see and it is available low bandwith or high full screen video just click here for BMH Videos.

Download our whole CD as MP3 Here.All songs are there in CD Quality for free strings attached as they say.

All of Sadie The Welsh Corgi's Webpages are here.See pictures,movies,and hear sounds of Sadie.See her in the wheelchair and learn of her illness.If you love Welsh Corgis then you want to check her out.Soon Ernie my new Welsh Corgi also has some pages up.

Hear Skummy Man's BMH CD Promo.It is in streaming mp3 format.

Check out Gore Productions for your Audio and Video Needs.Special cheap rates for all Musicians and Artists.Click here for info on my company.

You can also go directly to my company site at Gore Productions which has it's own website.Just click here to end up at the main business site for Forensic Audio,Audio Restoration,Video Editing,and much more.

New Video Clips of us Live (Real A/V,Quicktime) Here

Our CD is out now.Read about it and get ordering info here.


Science Fiction Fans: check out the Star Trek Voyager Episode Schedule for 2002 With Episode Guides,Photos ,and more.

Star Trek Enterprise has been cancelled.This is very sad to see no new Star Treks for who knows how long.I grew up with this show and started watching it when first aired in the 1960's.It was a drag when the original show was cancelled and it is a drag to see the new ENT cancelled.Season 4 was really good so far yet UPN has pulled the plug.Don't support UPN and their mindless reality shows and dumb sitcoms.Write them a letter telling them how you feel about their decision to pull the plug.